Who Gets The Push Over Others’ Employment Rights?

From our Swindon Correspondent:

So who is going to get the push?

He also talked of hopes for all fathers to have the right to two weeks’ paternity leave at 90% full pay and a change in the law to ensure new or expectant mothers cannot be made redundant during pregnancy or maternity leave.

Hmmm. I can’t help but wonder if this is required because of another government law, the one that allows women to take up to 12 months unpaid leave while their job is kept open for them.…

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Maya Forstater Fired For Saying Trans Women Aren’t In Fact Women

It’s interesting to note what you’re not allowed to say these days. And, actually, what you are allowed to say. If you work for one of the more right on organisations that is. Such is what has happened to Maya Forstater, a friend of ours around here. Well, OK, she might not call reactionaries like me friend but we admire her work. We’ve even helped with it a little bit, talking about minerals, mining and revenues with her.…

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If Public Administration Paid Like Software, Would We See So Much Feminist Whining About Stem?

It’s entirely true that there is a certain gender disparity in the number of people employed to write software. This is not unusual in our society. There are gender disparities in may things. There’s a definite lack of female miners for example. There’s no reason why women shouldn’t or couldn’t be electricity repair linemen but there don’t seem to be many of them.

It’s even true that there’s a disparity in who trains to do which jobs.…

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Are All Feminists This Stupid?

That both halves of a fertile but unwilling to indulge in parturition couple should be responsible for the avoidance of that outcome while still enjoying the jiggy jiggy is fair enough. That those who are certain their family is complete and that there is going to be no second family consider vasectomy is also entirely fine and just.

But we still must ask whether all feminists are actually as stupid as this one in The Guardian, one Felicity Hannah:

My husband doesn’t want a vasectomy.

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Jubilation For English Papists – Today Is St George’s Day

One of these things that not a lot of people know. St George’s Day is a moveable feast. Rather typical of the English to have fussy little rules which no one ever does quite explain but which everyone is has to just find out from experience. You know, rather like a Bateman cartoon of the man who didn’t know that….

The thing being that the English Day, St George and all that, it’s supposedly on 23 April.…

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The Synagogue Shootings – What We never Do See Said About Terrorist Acts

All reporting is obviously partial – no one ever does set aside all of their own views. Even what to report is itself an expression of partiality. The latest outrage, the shooting at the Synagogue in California, is as much as tragedy as the violent deaths in other events around the world. The Christchurch mosque events, the Sri Lankan bombings, those mass shootings at Coptic Churches in Egypt and on and on. Someone might even think that there’s an evil inherent in the human heart.…

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So Here’s An Idea – Fat Porkers Should Get More Food Stamps

What people are willing to claim as sensible policy proposals is one thing, what we all say in response is what marks us out as being an adult civilisation or not. An interesting claim here being made by an activist called Sonalee Rashatwar, that fat people should gain more in welfare. Because, you see, it requires more food to keep a fat body fat, therefore more food stamps should be on offer to those carrying that extra weight that needs to be fed.…

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Make Your Minds Up Ladies – One Sized T-Shirts Are Discrimination Now?

What is and is not gender discrimination appears to be an ever moving feast. There was a time when making a difference, acting differently or providing so, on the basis of gender was that gender discrimination. Seems reasonable and logical that it should be that way too.

Sure, there are times when making a gender differentiation is important – as PJ O’Rourke put it, it’s vital when making babies – and times when it isn’t – trading bonds.…

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Female Exposure To Alpha Males Increases Marriage, Decreases Work And Education

Quite how to interpret this particular finding is, well, it’s open. But one viable comment is that when girls associate with, are exposed to, alpha males they’re more likely to marry, have children, than they are to get educated and go to work. This effect seems limited to the bottom half of the female population.

We could even put it that being around men who might be able to provide for children and a domestic life increases the chances of choosing children and a domestic life.…

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Today Isn’t St George’s Day – That’s Next Week, You English

That none of us actually care about this is all the proof needed that the English don’t worry overmuch about our national day. There’s good reason for it too:

To all the politicians dutifully wishing the nation a happy St George’s Day — you’ve got the date wrong. The Church of England has confirmed that the feast has been pushed back to next Monday because of a clash with Easter week. April 23 is the usual date each year for the feast of St George, the patron saint of England, but church rules state that no feast days should be marked during Easter week.

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