Today Isn’t St George’s Day – That’s Next Week, You English

That none of us actually care about this is all the proof needed that the English don’t worry overmuch about our national day. There’s good reason for it too:

To all the politicians dutifully wishing the nation a happy St George’s Day — you’ve got the date wrong. The Church of England has confirmed that the feast has been pushed back to next Monday because of a clash with Easter week. April 23 is the usual date each year for the feast of St George, the patron saint of England, but church rules state that no feast days should be marked during Easter week.

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Protesting Brunei’s Anti-LGBT Sharia Law Is All A Bit Colonial, Isn’t It?

One of the great modern sins is colonialism. So much so that all of we who live in places which did it in the past are still contaminated with that guilt. That’s why we should simply ship all the wealth we’ve generated here off to those who haven’t bothered to generate any over there.

Colonialism itself being of course that we went off and told people different from us – perhaps a little darker, often of a different religious persuasion – how they should live their lives.…

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Mass Delusion – Fat Is A Capitalist Plot

Mass delusions are those fashions that sweep through society from time to time. The South Sea Company will make a fortune from the assiento when no one else ever did. Tulips are worth more than houses. Socialism is an answer to anything other than the question of how do we impoverish the population? Mass delusion is slightly different, being much more locally confined:

Sofie Hagen: ‘Fat is a neutral word – I want us to reclaim it’


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We’ll Never Get The Gender Pay Gap Right Without Dealing With Pensions

As any even casual acquaintance with the economics of income and wages will tell us pensions are simply deferred wages. The amount that you or I earn from going to work on any one day is the total amount of money – in fact, compensation, so including things like free choccies if we work in a choccie factory – that we gain from having gone to work that day. That will be, obviously enough, our wages for that day.…

See More’s Civil War Ad – Why Bother With Diversity In Creative Teams?

It is a little embarrassing for to have run this ad. For it is true that many mixed race couplings during and before the Civil War were based more upon power relationships under slavery than true love. That doesn’t mean that there never were such love stories but missing the point will indeed grate with many watchers.

This is thus not the wisest piece of PR ever:

As is pointed out:

The ad is part of a campaign by Ancestry showing stories from the past to pique viewers’ curiosity about their ancestors.

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Taking The Daughter’s Easter Eggs – Socialism In Action At Mumsnet

That a young girl – 3 years old –  might find 13 or more Easter eggs to be a little much for such a small frame could well be true. It’s not entirely obvious that Mother eating them for her is entirely the solution. But then we can indeed bolster this argument with appeals to fairness. She’s got lots, I’ve none, so she should share:

Posting on the parenting forum Mumsnet, the woman insisted that the seven Easter eggs her three-year-old daughter has received is “too much for such a small child”.

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The Correct British Response To The Notre Dame Disaster

Dear Tim Worstall, Editor, The Continental Telegraph,

You’re not done yet!

Forward the email below to your potential supporters.

5 people need to click the link and confirm their support for us to publish your petition.

Once you’ve gained the required number of supporters, we’ll check your petition to make sure it meets the petition standards. If it does, we’ll publish it. This usually takes a week or less, however we have a very large number to check at the moment so it is likely to take longer.…

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One Answer is “Get A Husband”

Jamie Dimon is interrogated:

And it’s an entirely reasonable question. Why shouldn’t the wages as a bank teller allow a bank teller to live?

Then answer being that the original question is misunderstanding what determines wages. What a bank pays to tellers is determined by how many people are willing to work as tellers at what wage. Sure, we can complicate that a bit by talking about how good those willing to work as tellers are going to be as tellers.…

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Easter DIY Injuries – That Gender Pay Gap Explained

We’re treated to a warning for this Easter weekend – be careful about trying to do that DIY for you might end up in hospital. This is fair enough, there’s always some idiot who tries clambering around the roof to clear the gutters, another with the power saw who ends up sans finger. But within this – something those warning us haven’t noted – is good evidence of a gender split in what work gets done.…

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That Gender Difference In Stem – Even After Controls It’s Still There

Quite why fewer women than men study Stem subjects is a matter of controversy. On the one side it’s the patriarchy, D’oh. On the other it’s that, well, gender based differences in desires and propensities in a sexually dimorphic species, who’s surprised? This paper looks at what we can identify about when it starts. That’s it’s around puberty doesn’t help us decide all that much between the two theories:

It’s not just for boys! Understanding gender differences in STEM
Judith Delaney, Paul Devereux 18 April 2019

Females are much less likely to study STEM degrees at university.…

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