One Answer is “Get A Husband”

Jamie Dimon is interrogated:

And it’s an entirely reasonable question. Why shouldn’t the wages as a bank teller allow a bank teller to live?

Then answer being that the original question is misunderstanding what determines wages. What a bank pays to tellers is determined by how many people are willing to work as tellers at what wage. Sure, we can complicate that a bit by talking about how good those willing to work as tellers are going to be as tellers.…

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Easter DIY Injuries – That Gender Pay Gap Explained

We’re treated to a warning for this Easter weekend – be careful about trying to do that DIY for you might end up in hospital. This is fair enough, there’s always some idiot who tries clambering around the roof to clear the gutters, another with the power saw who ends up sans finger. But within this – something those warning us haven’t noted – is good evidence of a gender split in what work gets done.…

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That Gender Difference In Stem – Even After Controls It’s Still There

Quite why fewer women than men study Stem subjects is a matter of controversy. On the one side it’s the patriarchy, D’oh. On the other it’s that, well, gender based differences in desires and propensities in a sexually dimorphic species, who’s surprised? This paper looks at what we can identify about when it starts. That’s it’s around puberty doesn’t help us decide all that much between the two theories:

It’s not just for boys! Understanding gender differences in STEM
Judith Delaney, Paul Devereux 18 April 2019

Females are much less likely to study STEM degrees at university.…

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We All Know What Chick Flicks Are, Why Not An Italian Women’s Interest TV Channel?

The latest storm in an espresso cup from the more excitable of our Latin colleagues – the idea that Italian state TV might run two channels, one of men’s interest, one of women’s. This does seem rather sensible and it is in fact the way that cable channels have been working ever since there were cable channels. Tooltime Tim isn’t on there to get the housewives juiced up – no, not even at the thought of what their husbands will do for them once they get home – and QVC’s jewelry flash sales aren’t aimed at the male cis and hetero crowd.…

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Another Proof That Capitalism Is The Most Feminist Economic System

It always puzzles why feminists tend to be of the lefty persuasion. To the point where a goodly portion of the shrieking harpies* insist that only the overthrow of capitalism can possibly provide true female liberation. Which is tosh of course, for capitalism is the most feminist economic system we’ve ever used. A nice proof of which is this little chart:

Do note that decline in infant death rates long predates the New Deal and all that.…

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[CORRECTED] Kevin D Williamson Is Gay? Ain’t That A Victory For Classical Liberalism?

On the 7th April 2018 we wrote an article stating that Kevin D. Williamson was gay. this turned out to be factually untrue and based on an entire misconception of another artice – Kevin Williamson is not gay.

So, err, pretty stupid of me really.

Continental Telegraph clearly apologise to Kevin for that error.



It comes to my attention that Kevin D Williamson, fired from the Atlantic over his comments concerning abortion, is gay.…

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Gordon Ramsay’s Cultural Appropriation Over Asian Food – What?

The gall of some people – Gordon Ramsay is embroiled in a row over his new Asian restaurant and cultural appropriation. This being one of the sillier ideas of the snowflake generation. Firstly, that there is some pure form of cuisine specific to the one culture, secondly that there’s anything wrong with lifting ingredients, recipes or ideas from one cuisine into another.

The most obvious point being that if humans didn’t do that we’d all be dead from starvation.…

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Burger King’s Oversize Chopsticks – Is This Really Racism?

It’s possible that there might be more important, even more interesting, things to worry about. Burger King in New Zealand has withdrawn an ad showing people eating the new “Vietnamese Burger” using oversized chopsticks. Because, you know, making a joke about people eating something with oversized chopsticks just is so racist, right?

The thing is, well, this is toss:

Burger King has been forced to delete a “culturally insensitive” advert which depicted a westerner struggling to eat a burger with chopsticks, the latest western brand to be accused of mocking Asian food customs.

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Americans Get The Light/Dark Skinned Black Women Thing Entirely Wrong

American exceptionalism is a powerful cultural idea of course. It’s even a true enough reading of history at times. One where it’s not is over slavery except in one or two details. Slavery was a commonplace throughout human history. Guinea – as it was then called – was a source of slaves into the Arab world at least for a millennium before any European got involved. One of those details where it was indeed different is in something Jefferson Davis himself noted, that by the time of the Confederacy the vast majority of American slaves had been born there, that natural increase.…

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Elderly Treated Better Than Other Britons In Shops And NHS

This is not how the headline reads but it is perhaps a better, more veracious, reading of the survey finding. That Britons over 50 are treated rather better by shopkeepers and the health service than are the rest of us. For only 25% of them complain about being shabbily treated by those sectors of the economy:

Middle-aged treated like ‘second class citizens’, with 25 per cent of over-50’s poorly treated in shops and hospitals

How did they reach this conclusion?…

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