So We Didn’t Need To Ban Plastic Bags Then

Greenpeace finally tells us the truth about those single use plastic bags:

Lost and abandoned fishing gear which is deadly to marine life makes up the majority of large plastic pollution in the oceans, according to a report by Greenpeace.

More than 640,000 tonnes of nets, lines, pots and traps used in commercial fishing are dumped and discarded in the sea every year, the same weight as 55,000 double-decker buses.

This is entirely true, as we’ve reported more than once:

As Science Shows, It’s Fishing Gear, Not Plastic Bags, Causing Problems In The Oceans


The second is the more fatuous answer.

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Why Is Packaged Food Cheaper?

We have something called WRAP – Waste and Resources Action Programme – in the UK. They’re the people tasked with reducing waste across the economy. Sadly, they’re either idiots or woefully misinformed. For they fail the most basic economic test of the problem they’re supposedly there to deal with.

The perceptive – OK, all those not drooling morons – will grasp it immediately:

Supermarkets must ditch plastic packaging on fruit and vegetables and remove sell-by dates in order to reduce waste, a new government-backed report has said.

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Labour’s Plan To Retrofit Every House – They’re Insane

Insanity is, as Albert Einstein himself told us, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Which brings us to the Labour Party’s idea for British housing.

Recommendation 2: Retrofit almost all of the UK’s 27 million homes by 2030 to the highest energy efficiency standards feasible for each building to reduce domestic heat demand by 23% relative to current levels.

We’ve actually done this before. Twice. So why are we expecting a different answer this time?…

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You’ve Got It, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Is Both A Monomaniac And An Idiot

The latest bulletin from the frontline of the war for Gaia. Why is it that people in drunken crowds are served alcohol in plastic rather than glass?

What could possibly be the reason here? Any thoughts? The possibility that we consider 50 unstitched – because uncreated – Glasgae Smiles of more value than Flipper should be considered perhaps?

At which point we’ve Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall:

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has labeled the Edinburgh Fringe festival a ‘plastic nightmare’ after seeing venues give out plastic cups instead of reusable glasses over health and safety fears.

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Let The Foreigners Pay For The New Battery Technology

Apparently Britain will fall behind unless we subsidise the installation of lots of batteries. To which the correct response is let’s fall behind and let the foreigners carry the costs.

The UK risks being left behind in Europe’s home battery boom because of a controversial tax hike on solar-battery systems, according to a report.

The worry of falling behind, well, what worry? Because we’re not talking about manufacturing the things – no one does that wort of work here anyway.…

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Lies, Lies, Yet More Lies About Plastics In The Ocean

We’re told that we must all stop using single use plastics because they all end up in the ocean choking the whales. This is not true but it’s said enough anyway. For the plastics that end up in the ocean don’t come from us. They come from Asia and Africa. So, we might think that this is an advance with The Guardian telling us that truth:

Following the Ganges upstream from where it empties in the Bay of Bengal to its source in the Himalayas, the National Geographic-backed expedition aims to better understand how plastic pollution travels from source to sea and provide solutions for reducing the amount that ends up in the world’s oceans.

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InterContinental Hotels Makes Resource Use Worse By Banning Plastic Miniatures

There is a snide remark to be applied to this story here:

InterContinental Hotels goes to war on plastic by binning millions of shampoo miniatures

How is throwing away millions of perfectly good little plastic bottles filled with shampoo a good thing for the environment?

InterContinental, the world’s fourth largest hotel company, hammered a “stake into the ground” in the war against plastics by ridding its rooms of 200 million miniature bottles of shampoo and shower gel.

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The Horrors Of Plastic On Henderson Island

The Guardian wishes to tell us of how awful this all is that a remote Pacific island has plastic on the beaches. Part of the Pitcairn group and uninhabited:

Henderson Island, uninhabited and a day’s sea crossing from the nearest sign of civilisation, should be an untouched paradise. Instead its beaches, which were awarded Unesco world heritage status in 1988, are a monument to humanity’s destructive, disposable culture. Along a 2.5km stretch of sandy beach, an estimated 18 tonnes of plastic has accumulated over decades at a rate of several thousand pieces of plastic every day.

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Units Matter – South Atlantic Now Extra 0.0000xx1875% Hydrocarbons

We have the tale of a shameful contamination of Mother Gaia here. The Chilean Navy has managed to dump 40,000 litres of diesel into the waters off Patagonia.

Chile oil spill: 40,000 litres of diesel spilled into sea off Patagonia

40,000 whole litres, eh?

That’s some 251 barrels of oil, or perhaps 30 tonnes of it.

The South Atlantic (yes, I know, but this came up first, before Pacific) has 160 billion cubic kilometres of water in it.…

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Don’t Recycle Plastics – Burn Them

An excellent letter in The Observer. One that actually has the facts to hand, proposes the right policy. The only problem with it is that it’s a letter in The Observer, not a green or white paper from our governors. Who will, of course, pay absolutely no attention to this and will continue to do exactly the wrong thing:

We have been going the wrong way with plastics for the last 30 or more years (“Waste no more?

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