Labour’s Truly Nutso Plan To Fine Gender Pay Gap Companies

Labour has a plan to fine companies which persistently have a gender pay gap. A fine example of how we’ll never solve a problem unless we correctly diagnose the reason for the problem. On average, over the population, men and women tend to self-select into slightly different types of work. These different types have different values to employers – thus they pay different amounts. And that’s it. That is the cause of that gender pay, or more accurately gender earnings, gap.…

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Catholic Misogyny, Even Gender Discrimination, Cannot Be A Problem

There is a terrible logical confusion concerning gender discrimination, possibly even misogyny, within the Catholic Church. It’s most certainly true that the organisation, the institution, has views concerning the relative jobs and places of men and women which look more than a tad archaic to the modern eye. They’re also pretty much what the relative jobs and places were for the first 1800 years or so from the founding event. It’s only in very recent decades that we’ve flown free from the physical constraints which imposed those jobs.…

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We Don’t Believe These University Rape Statistics

We really don’t. The idea that in the short period of three years the rape incidence is twice that of the lifetime incidence in the society as a whole? No, really, that’s not something we believe. That would mean that the incidence of rape on university campuses in the UK is 30 times that in the society at large. No, sorry, not believed:

A total of 4,500 students from 153 different UK institutions responded to the study – the first consultation of students on this issue in a decade.

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Control History And You Control The Present

We’re pretty sure that someone did say this, if you control history then you control the present. Which is true of both sides of this little argument here:

History lessons are too focussed on men fighting on the battlefields while women are “pushed to the side”, campaigners have said, as they launch a new project to teach children about female pioneers.

Ahead of the centenary commemoration of the end of World War One, the initiative will encourage schools to tell the stories of inspirational women who contributed to the war effort.

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This Capitalist Free Marketry Is The Most Feminist System Ever

It’s always been something of a wonder that feminism in general appears to be so left wing. To the point that large parts of the movement (perhaps we should point out, the vocal, campaigning ones, rather than just people getting on with their lives as equals) are determinedly anti-capitalist and even anti-market. When it is these two intertwined strands of socio-economic thought and policy which together make up the most pro-women system as yet available to human beings.…

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Harvard’s Claudia Goldin on the Gender Pay Gap

Claudia Goldin is very definitely one of the better economists working on matters like the gender pay gap. Not that that’s a high bar to clear, given the number who simply scream discrimination and leave it at that. Goldin’s very much better than just clearing the bar in fact.

However, there’s still something not quite right about her major point here.

If there’s one thing men can do to improve women’s life at work, it would be…

Want what women want.

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There is No Gender Pay Gap at Barclays – it’s Earnings, Not Pay

We’re told that women earn up to 43% less at Barclays than men do. We’re also told that women are paid about half what men are at that same bank, Barclays. Only one of these two statements is true. The one which is true being an interesting revelation of where this screaming match about the gender pay gap is going wrong.

We don’t in fact have a gender pay gap in this modern world. We do have an earnings gap.…

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Harriet Harman seems unaware that we already have a court system

This isn’t a good look for someone who has been Solicitor General, for Harriet Harman seems to be unaware that we’ve already got a court system in the UK. An independent one even.

Yes, this is the usual anguish over sexual harassment:

Second, Weinstein is not “one bad apple”. That sort of behaviour is prevalent in the film industry and indeed in all occupations with a male hierarchy and in which women want to advance.

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