Yet Yann Moix Is Correct About Loving Women Over 50

Yann Moix is one of those French authors rather famous in France and rather unknown anywhere else which is an interesting commentary upon the universality of French culture. He’s also in trouble because he’s just said something so obviously true that it outrages people. He’s said that dating women over 50 just isn’t the same. Which, given that we’re an animal that has evolved is just one of those true things really. If we were to flip the gender switch here it’s the same point as noting the incredible dating success of men of low social status.…

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Of Course Forced Marriage Victims Must Pay For Repatriation – How Else Would You Do It?

The latest little confected outrage is that British women who are victims of forced marriage in foreign climes must pay the Foreign Office the costs of their repatriation – yes, obviously they must, how else would you organise this? We’re not, quite obviously, going to start handing out free air tickets to everyone who wants to come home now, are we?

And that’s all that is happening here. If you’re abroad, you ask for consular help, you’ll get it.…

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Mary Queen Of Scots – Finally, A Truly Capitalist Film

That the world of luvvies trends culturally left wing is obvious and true. This has always been something of an oddity as the business itself – of film making, the record charts, even of actor’s careers – is one of the most ruthlessly capitalist and free market in the world. Bring in the money and you’ve a glittering career and great wealth is heaped upon you. Do stuff that no one likes or wishes to pay to see or hear and you’re stuck singing songs in between delivering the veal.…

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Not A Pop Music Gender Gap – It’s Rock And Roll With The Problem

The Press Association has put its collective mind to counting up the number of weeks that male and female artists spent in the charts. The end result being that there is, for this year past at least, pretty much no pop gender gap. There’re two things – well, OK, three – to say about this. The fourth of these is what the heck? Seriously?

The third is that it’s a really very small sample. As they themselves point out when Ed Sheeran has an album out and people buy every track as a download – that now counting as a single these days – then there’s a gap.…

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Femicide, Homicide, Murder And Manslaughter

It would appear that Barbara Ellen, a columnist for The Observer, needs a little education in the English language. Or perhaps it’s the law. Possibly even just some basic logic.

Here’s her question:

Doubtful of achieving a guilty murder verdict, the Crown Prosecution Service reduced the charge to manslaughter. Broadhurst pleaded guilty – effectively to not ringing for help quickly enough. He could be out within two years. Well done to the former solicitor general Harriet Harman for officially querying this outcome, but what was the CPS thinking – perhaps something along the lines of: “Any conviction is better than nothing”?

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Men More Likely To Be Killed By Friends Or Partners Than Women

We’ve the annual complaint that women are being killed in droves by men – killed by their partners and isn’t this a gross indictment of a patriarchal society and no doubt it’s capitalism to blame. And the reality here is that men are more likely to be killed by a friend or partner than women are. So, perhaps the dolour should be to the other side? Or even that indictment of capitalism and patriarchy?

And the thing is, even though we’re never told this, this is in fact true too.…

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Can You Believe This Academic Argument About The Gender Pay Gap?

Another entry in our register of reasons to doubt the expansion of the universities. Look at the level of logic that has gone into this piece of research. There’s a gender pay gap in British universities and sure, there is. Not as large as they say as they’re glossing over full and part time, career breaks curbing rises to the top and all that. But, still, there is a pay gap.

As they identify there’s a digital skills gap too.…

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Women’s Shorter Commutes Do Not Constrain Wages, Cause The Gender Pay Gap

The Office for National Statistics tells us that men are the majority of long distance commuters and that women tend to have shorter commutes than men. This is said to be about childcare and thus a contributor to the gender pay gap. Well, yes, maybe – it’s an interesting contention at least – but isn’t really what is happening. Rather, men and women are making slightly different decisions about work and children and it’s that which causes both the difference in commutes and also the wage gap.…

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There Is No Gender Pay Gap – Even When Pay Is Equal, Incomes Differ

Men an women do indeed get paid different amounts. It’s been illegal for decades now to pay people different amounts based upon their gender. So, what is going on?

One answer is that it’s the patriarchy. Women are being specifically and deliberately discriminated against. There are a number of problems with this view. Another possible explanation is that men and women simply take different decisions about how they’d like to work.

The thing is, the more we look at this in detail the more we find that it is that second.…

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Sexual Abuse Of North Korean Women – What Do You Expect From A Socialist Autocracy?

We’ve a report that women in North Korea are sexually abused, the correct response to which is well, what do you expect from a socialist autocracy? Give the government total power over peoples’ lives and people being what people are you’ll find people abusing that power to abuse.

Sure, we can also imagine the defence here. As with one recently, Venezuela cannot be socialist because socialism means equality. Given that Venezuela has inequality therefore Venezuela isn’t socialist, quod erat demonstrandum.…

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