They’re Right, Down’s Syndrome People Are An Endangered Species

This is an entirely proper observation, Down’s Syndrome people are indeed an endangered species. Well, perhaps species might be a little extreme, variation upon the standard human species perhaps. There are those, of course, who will say good riddance when it’s done too. Some have advocated – carried out even – killings of those with the condition, others and many more who argue that abortion should be used to stop the birth of any more. And, of course, a more Catholic view that we’re all God’s little creatures and such discrimination is unconscionable.…

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The One True Method Of Beating Obesity – Turn Off The Central Heating

We’ve a quite lovely revival of the most paranoid theory concerning why we’re all so damn fat these days. Obesity is caused by the capitalists deliberately making us fat. No, really, they make unhealthy food, advertise it to us, get us to eat it, we all become fat and they laugh all the way to the bank:

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Public Health England Is Full Of It – Grimsby’s Unhealthy High Street Doesn’t Kill Grimsbians

Public Health England has just treated us all to a lovely report – paid for by us of course – telling us how healthy or unhealthy High Streets are around the country. A comparison that Grimsby won by a country mile according to PHE. Lots of bookies, takeaway shops and few pharmacies.

Well, yes, we can consider that – the presence of pharmacies would indicate to the sensible that there’re sick people around but then that’s being logical, not a known attribute of the public health crowd these days.…

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The Larger The Market You Trade Over, The More Benefit From The Trade

Once we accept the basic ideas of he division and specialisation of labour, then the subsequent trade in production, it becomes obvious that the larger the area we trade oer, the more people we trade with, then the more benefit we gain from the trade. Because we’re dividing and specialising the labour with more people, obviously enough. Thus all that pablum about buy local is shown to be false.

An interesting example of which is kidney exchange chains.

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IVF Reduces The Number Of Adoptions – Abortion Reduces The Need

Changes in reproductive technology change the number of reproductions, that’s obvious enough. And so it is with this report about how the existence of IVF is reducing the number of adoptions. People who are now able – as their earlier counterparts were not (we can’t, for obvious reasons, call them their forbears) – to have children are less desirous of filling that hole in their lives by taking in other peoples’ children. This isn’t a great surprise to anyone who thinks about this for more than a moment.…

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German Nurse Who Killed 100 Admits To Being Incompetent

A trial is going on in Germany of a man who admits to having killed at least 100 people. He was a nurse and he killed them by injecting them with drugs which, well, caused their death. The thing is, what’s he’s really admitting is to being both hungry for glory and also incompetent. For the purpose of the injections was not to kill but to show his skill at resuscitation. Which, obviously enough, wasn’t that high:

A former nurse has admitted to killing 100 patients in his care, on the first day of his trial in the biggest serial killing case in Germany’s post-war history.

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Free Market Capitalism Produces Innovation – That’s The Practical Justification For It

We can all think up various justifications for why we should follow, or allow, free market capitalism. From if people want to do this why not all the way through to some Randian call for the ubermensch being allowed to do what the hell they like. We can also all criticise the arrangements with anything from expropriation through to inequality, D’Oh!

And moving off into the practicalities of things, the actual justification in purely those practical terms is that it’s the system which best produces innovations.…

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Trump Is Wrong – Americans Should Be Paying More For Their Drugs Than Other Nations

It’s possible to perceive an unfairness in the manner in which retail prices for pharmaceutical drugs are higher in the US than they are in many other nations. This is largely because the US government denies itself the power to demand lower prices from the drug companies. And boy, don’t those progressives whine about this non-application of the power of the Federal government. The thing is, if you actually were a progressive, one concerned with the richer carrying a heavier burden of society than the poorer, you’d be all in favour of Americans paying those higher drug prices.…

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There Is No Way Insurance Can Solve This American Health Care Problem

We’re treated to a recital of a specific health care problem over The Pond. Our source is, of course, The Guardian. And the complaint is that without some support for Obamacare and the like then this particular woman won’t be able to get her health care insurance.

The actual problem here being that this isn’t a problem amenable to insurance in the slightest:

I woke up on a Monday with tingling hands and numb feet, my legs too weak to climb stairs without a struggle.

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To Make British Health Care As Good As Finnish, Abolish The NHS

Danny Dorling and one of his disciples have decided to tell us how good Finnish health care is compared to our own dear National Health Service – that wonder of the world that it is. And they’re right, there are things about that Nordic system which are better than our own and policies we should adopt.

The most obvious being that we should abolish that National Health Service:

According to the OECD, Finland spends a slightly lower proportion of its GDP (9.5%) on health than does the UK (9.7%).

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