Tales of Old Dartmoor

This is an essential part of Christmas to a certain sub-section of the British. Decades after the first broadcasts there always was a repeat immediately after the Queen’s Speech on the World Service.

Those of us who spent parts of a childhood in the Empire, or at least abroad, might even have looked forward to Brenda speaking unto the nation.

The Goons:

And now, segregate the sinful sexes-­

Wait! How many sexes are there?

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Classical Music and Status

From our cultural correspondent in Swindon:


For some businesses, it is the aural equivalent of homeless spikes, deployed to shift or subdue targeted undesirables; for the rich, events like the Proms provide status experiences that will convey bragging rights with fellow have-yachts.  


Meanwhile, the Proms has joined Ascot, Wimbledon and Glyndebourne as a magnet for conspicuous consumption. People who own Royal Albert Hall seats are reportedly reselling tickets, with a pair of stalls seats for the Last Night of the Proms going for about £2,500.

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The University Course To Find The Next Stormzy

Perhaps this expansion of the universities has gone a little too far:

Britain’s first ever degree in rap as university offers qualification to find next Stormzy

The first comment is that the moment we institutionalise pop music it is no longer pop music. The second that the point of the stuff is to epater les bourgeois and there’s nothing more bourgeois than a middle aged lecturer attempting to be down and hip with the kidz.…

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This Capitalism Stuff Is Hard – VestiVille Cancelled On Opening Day

It is, of course, true as Obama said, that you didn’t build that. No one does in fact produce nor create wealth entirely on their own. And yet the production of wealth is still a difficult thing to do. Most to near all who try it fail to do so. Which is the argument against excessive taxation of the creation of wealth.

Our example today is the VestiVille festival in Belgium. It closed on opening day:

British festival-goers have said they are “devastated” after arriving at a music festival in Belgium to find out it had been cancelled.

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The Little Known Cream Song Fronted By A Bond Girl – Caroline Munro

This isn’t quite as outrageous as it sounds to be honest, given the times and the line of work. But Caroline Munro, who went on to be one of the Bond girls, once did a single where her backing band was, essentially, Cream. Yep, Ginger Baker, Jack Brice, Eric Clapton, bubble gum pop by a 16 year old.

I’d not known about it until The G mentioned it this morning:

In 1967, Munro, who had sung in her church choir, released her first single, a breathy ditty called Tar and Cement, recorded at Abbey Road.

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Not To Defend Morrissey But To Defend Morrissey

This idea that the far right and others with such objectionable rules should be banned from the public sphere then. This is indeed the way to make sure that such views are driven underground. But there’s also more than just the slightest echo of unfortunate events in the past. When much the same was done to those who were left wing. Or offended the mores of those days in some manner. Perhaps by being bourgeois, or Jews.…

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Italy’s Business Opportunity – Rewrite Songs In Italian

This sort of cultural nationalism being suggested in Italy never really works out all that well. Hmm, perhaps that depends upon who you are. If you follow our business plan then you’ll be just fine of course, reveling in it. That it won’t achieve what its promoters desire is equally obvious. For it hasn’t in France where they’ve been doing this for decades:

Italy’s right-wing League party has started a campaign to force radio stations to dedicate almost half their airtime to Italian music less than a fortnight after the party’s leader criticised the victory of a migrant’s son in a televised music contest.

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Avoid Namibia – Toto’s Africa To Play On Eternal Loop In Desert

This sounds like a good reason not to go wandering in a desert in Namibia. For an installation artist has decided to set up an “eternal” loop of the song broadcast to the local sand dunes. The song may or may not be to your taste once or twenty times but for all time?

There is also that little issue of quite how long eternity is and quite how short the lifespan of human made technology but still, the boom box should last long enough for the local sand fleas to get thoroughly bored:

Very, very, bored.

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Scandal, Furore, As Drake Hugs Girl It’s Legal To Hug

It’s an oddity of modern society that as sexual liberation proceeds we seem to be becoming more sexually censorious – as with this furore over Drake being videoed hugging a girl it’s entirely legal to hug. Actually, a girl it was entirely legal in that time and place, to have full on sex with. Perhaps the Baptists have been right all along, they’re against sex because they think dancing might break out?

Video has surfaced of Drake kissing a 17-year-old girl in Denver, Colorado in May 2010.

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Amazingly, The Musical Past Was Dominated By Men, Something Must Be Done!

There is a significant risk of mansplaining here, as we have a group of women complaining that classical music is just not promoting nor playing the music of women. To which the answer is, well, D’Oh! It’s you know, classical music. Drawing from the history of civilisation’s collision with an orchestra, a history which was indeed rather male dominated.

Does this mean that men are innately better than women at composing music? No, it doesn’t – although there are indeed those out there who will claim they are.…

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