Michelle Obama Got Elected To What?

The school lunch rules in the United States might be a good idea, might not be. They might be good on nutritional grounds, might be ludicrous given that no one eats the damn things. Perhaps it’s a case of Federal over reach – what snotdribblers consume at noon is not one of those enumerated powers I’ve seen in the Constitution – and maybe just plain good sense from the people who know everything.

There is an interesting question to be asked about this headline though:

The Trump administration proposed scrapping Michelle Obama’s healthy school lunch policy on her birthday

When did Michelle Obama get elected to what position?…

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Come And See The Fascism Inherent In Polly Toynbee’s System

This is quite glorious as an exemplar:

After the shocking lies told in both the alternative vote and the Brexit referendum campaigns, who wouldn’t be wary of ever holding another public vote? Kellner suggests that Labour, if in power, could bring in the reform for one election, promising a referendum to confirm it once people had tried it.

We’ve had a referendum on proportional representation and the people didn’t like it. Therefore the people should get it anyway because PR would be good for the left’s electoral chances.…

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There’s Oblivious and Then There’s Democrat-Level Oblivious

From our American correspondent Esteban:

A few weeks ago I came across a couple of stories about Democrats and health insurance that I finally got around to writing about:

First, AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aka America’s Oblivious Child, Occasional Cortex, or Sandy) tweeted that she had recently received her annual health insurance renewal forms and it was too complex for her. Obviously, this is further evidence that America’s healthcare system needs to be revamped under her benevolent leadership.…

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So, Is Paul Mason Insane Or Just Very Ignorant?

Apparently Trump killed off that Iranian chappie so that he could cancel the next election and institute permanent fascism. Or summat:

Americans still have elections even when there’s a war on.…

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Keir Starmer For Labour Leader!

I really do think that the correct next leader of the Labour Party is Keir Starmer.

Or more correctly, Sir Keir Starmer KCB.

As Guido is saying he’s currently the front runner. Which is excellent of course.

It’s about time that Labour had a knight as the party leader. It is, after all, about time that everyone realised they’re the party of the establishment. The people who want to pickle the state in its current immobility, make sure that only they and their chums get to enjoy the fruits of power.…

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Rebecca Long-Bailey Should Listen To Patricia Hewitt

Rebecca Long-Bailey is laying out her stall to be Labour leader:

We can take the Labour party back into power. Here’s how
Rebecca Long-Bailey


This election was a historic chance to turn back that tide. But across the country, including in many of the areas hit worst by austerity, we failed. The country was sharply divided by Brexit, and our compromise solution satisfied too few. But we can’t blame Brexit alone, and we must recognise that it’s no good having the right solutions if people don’t believe you can deliver them.

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The Argument In Favour Of Boundary Reform

That the British constituencies should be reformed is something proposed by the Tories, opposed by Labour. The argument in favour of it is this:

But, as you say, the point still stands. Accurate figures are:
– 2005, Labour, 35.2%, 355 seats, reasonably comfortable majority;
– 2010, Conservatives, 36.1%, 306 seats, needed a coalition.

Even looking at the second place:
– 2005, Conservatives 2nd, 32.4%, 198 seats
– 2010, Labour 2nd, 29%, 258 seats – again, lower percentage, more seats.

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If Labour Thinks It’s All About Brexit They’re In For An Interesting Surprise

The post-election analysis within Labour seems to be thinking that it was all about Brexit. If only the party had done whatever it was that the voters actually wanted on the subject then they’d have been home free and clear:

The party’s general secretary, Jennie Formby, wrote to the national executive committee to say a full timetable for the leadership contest would be agreed, with a recommended start date of 7 January.

John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, and Richard Burgon, the shadow justice secretary, threw their weight behind their long-term ally Rebecca Long-Bailey for the top job while blaming Brexit for the party losing support across the north and Midlands.

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This Is Called “Democracy” Polly

There’s a reason we use this system too. This one called democracy:

The nightmare has happened. The worst of men is elected prime minister. The hardest of times lie ahead. Unfit in every way for any kind of office, Boris Johnson takes up the reins of absolute power bestowed on any leader with such a majority.

The point of all this being that we get to decide. We decide who is fit for office, not some elite cabal with the power of the printing press behind them.…

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