Mother Nature’s A Bitch, She And Evolution Want To Eat Your Children

Those who tell us that Mother Nature is benevolent need to check their ideas against reality. For she’s a bitch and she and evolution want to come eat your children. At which point a useful and interesting piece from a geneticist – at The Conversation of all places – on this very subject. The game for us is to keep Nature well away from us, not to embrace it:

It’s time we stopped human evolution – geneticist

Measles cases in the US have hit a 25-year high, with 78 new infections in the past week alone.…

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Of Course There’s Fecal Matter On Meat – You Know, Animals?

A group of American physicians is insisting that meat inspection lines should ensure that all animal carcasses should be free of animal matter. Well, not quite, but almost. They’re trying to insist that all animals sold in for human consumption should be entirely free of fecal matter. Which is something that’s just not going to happen, cannot happen.

Sure, we don’t want our chicken pieces to come presented on a pile of dung but as Paracelsus taught us all it’s the dose that is the poison.…

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Actual Real Science, How Does A Year In Space Age A Twin – Or A Year On Earth

Something from the Conversation. Nasa has identical twins, both of whom were astronauts. One of them spent a year up at the ISS. So, what’s the effect upon the body’s ageing process of that year in space? How does it differ from a year down here?

Actually, rather a fun piece. Proper job science as Jethro would say:

Does a year in space make you older or younger?

Daily life aboard the International Space Station moves fast.…

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Watch Giant, Pink, Underwater Woodlice Eat An Alligator

You can, if you wish, watch giant underwater – and bright pink – woodlice eat an alligator. The ‘gator is already dead of course, but we’d still not recommend watching immediately after lunch:

To explain:

A gross, yet fascinating new video shows a troop of deep-sea bugs chowing down on the carcass of an alligator, which researchers from Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON) dropped two kilometres (1.2 miles) deep in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Your Cat’s Not Stupid Nor Deaf , It Doesn’t Care – Scientific Proof

That when you call a cat it simply doesn’t arrive, when you call a dog it does, is entirely true. This could be because cats are deaf, because they’re stupid even. In fact, it turns out that they just don’t care. You and your desires aren’t enough to get it to move. And yes, we do think that it knows its name, that it recognises being called. That it doesn’t then come is a result of its disdain, nothing else:

Cats know when you’re calling them — they just don’t care

So, that explains that and who could argue with the newspaper?…

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Do You Know More Science Than The Average American? Take The Test

Sure, obviously, the answer is yes. But how much more? The discussion of the results is here. The test is here.

And to the real point of this:

Average score: 6.7 correct answers of out 11 (61% correct), which is very interesting (concerning?) given that the quiz is really pretty easy. Publik skools? Average Score for Men: 7.4 (67.3%) Average Score for Women: 6.0 (54.5%) Average Score for Whites: 7.6 (69.1%) Average Score for Hispanics: 5.1 (46.4%) Average Score for Blacks: 3.7 (33.6%)

Dear God Almighty, what has happened to Blacks there?…

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Contrary To Belief The Patent System Actually Works

If you register a patent then you get exclusive use of that idea for a time. This limits who else may use that idea. But, also, you must disclose what your idea is in that very patent. This will increase – or might, at least – the use of closely associated ideas as people now know what you do. And can, thus, build upon it. The net effect is going to be difficult to work out in advance.

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Of Course Humans Ate The Megafauna – Just Not Quite The Way We Thought

This is looking specifically at Madagascar which appears to be a little different from the Mauritius, or New Zealand, experience. But with such events that are close enough to us in time that we can study them in detail that basic story still stands. Yup, it’s us humans that went out and ate the megafauna. Wasn’t climate change, wasn’t some wellhucuddaknown, it was us. Early man was all that much of a respected of the natural environment, you see?

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Language Depends Upon Those Over Processed, Softer, Foods

Or at least the language that we speak today depends upon processed and softer foods that came with the rise of agriculture and static living. It’s not so much the agriculture, as the staying in the one place, for that’s what allows the processing of food into the softer forms. From The Conversation:

Softer, processed foods changed the way ancient humans spoke

The human capacity for language divides our species from the rest of the animal kingdom.…

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A Rather Cool Way To Measure Earth’s Wandering Magnetic Field – Stone Walls

When people divided up the virgin lands of North America they used, not unnaturally, magnetic north to aid in delineating boundaries. That magnetic north has changed since then so, are the stone walls out of line with what we’d not call north? The answer seems to be yes which is rather fun. This also gives us a test that can be done elsewhere. Out on the plains the dividing up was done in much the same manner.

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