Import The Third World. Get The Third World.

The benefits of a multiracial society are many and varied.

Multicultural society, not so much.

And that’s because when people come to your country in pursuit of a dream, they integrate. Because they want to. Immigrants used to go to America to pursue the American Dream – to become American, and drive a big car and own their own home and eat apple pie and play baseball and send their kids to college to be an astronaut.…

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If They Can Count They’ll Not Kill People

It’s possible to test some pretty odd things if you go far enough. For example, we know very well that the modern world is very much less violent than that of the past – Stephen Pinker showed that. But how much less violent? One of the things about truly violent times being that not many people were writing down stuff before they themselves got hoicked. So, we must look for a proxy.

The one being used here is that if the elite of the society could count then it wasn’t all that violent.

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Depends A Bit Really – Crabs Being Killed By Plastic Bottle On Keeling Islands

A report that hermit crabs are being killed by plastic bottles on the Cocos/Keeling islands. The point being that crabs can climb into the plastic bottles but if they’re lying in a certain way then they can’t get out again. Further, the smell of a dead hermit crab encourages others to come have a look see as that’s how they get to trade up their shells as they grow. So, one getting trapped and dying leads to many doing so.…

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How Not To Do Science – Bedhopping Aristocracy

We’ll not bother to go into who gets this wrong, the Telegraph or the scientists, but wrong it is. What they’re measuring is the rate of unacknowledged, or even unknown, bastardy. While claiming to be measuring the rate of bastardy. The two really aren’t the same thing.

The myth of the bed-hopping aristocracy has been debunked after researchers discovered that historically the lower classes are 12 times more likely to have had illegitimate children than those of higher ranks.

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And Yet Endometriosis Literally Is Hysterical

Yet another of these whines, whinges, that medicine doesn’t understand women’s bodies. This all being a patriarchal, no doubt capitalist, oppression of women.

Well, no, not really. Historically dissection was only carried out on the cadavers of executed criminals. Very many fewer women were so killed in a manner that allowed such than men. Burning at the stake, for example, doesn’t leave much to examine. Hanging does.

In more modern times we tend not to test out drugs on women.…

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Mr. Whippy PhD

Back when I was a wee nipper, an ice-cream van came to my school.

Schoolchildren routinely fed lumpy mash, overcooked veg, gristly meat and then lumpy custard, were understandably wound into a state of almost supernatural excitement by the chimes that signalled something far better was available.

A wave of seething and bescabbed humanity poured out of the dining hall onto the playground, and formed the most disorderly queue that still meets the definition.

Within that queue, playground rivalries emerged or deepened – alliances formed and dissolved, all at a bewildering speed.…

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We Are Greatly Surprised That Hillary Clinton Speaks With Forked Tongue

Shocked we tell you, shocked.

Actually, we are shocked, because we thought that Hillary was, while devious, bright enough to be able to keep the story straight:

Hillary Clinton has called Downing Street’s suppression of a report into potential Russian infiltration of British politics “damaging, inexplicable and shaming”.

The 2016 US presidential candidate told the Guardian it was “incredibly surprising and unacceptable that in your country there is a government report sitting there about Russian influence and your current government isn’t releasing it”.

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Doctor Keynes And Doctor Hayek

I’ve written before about how our economies have become gangrenous, and how the central banking reaction has worsened the situation.

And I’ve also written about how the Left sees the Right as Demons, whereas the Right sees the Left as merely Morons.

We must tie those together, because to get macro you need micro – you can’t get the former without having a lot of the latter.

And for that, we need to look at how we actually treat gangrene in our hospitals, believe it or not.…

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The BBC Looks Back At Battle of Britain

As the negotiations with the EU have proceeded, it’s been very revealing how the progressive media have chosen to frame the story. Where once Jean-Claude Juncker was widely mocked as a drunken imbecile, he became a sagacious and disinterested genius. And our own politicians were widely mocked and derided as fools and supplicants. It made me wonder how the BBC (for example) might have covered the Battle of Britain in the summer of 1940…

Churchill Accused Of Manipulating Casualty Statistics

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