Doctor Keynes And Doctor Hayek

I’ve written before about how our economies have become gangrenous, and how the central banking reaction has worsened the situation.

And I’ve also written about how the Left sees the Right as Demons, whereas the Right sees the Left as merely Morons.

We must tie those together, because to get macro you need micro – you can’t get the former without having a lot of the latter.

And for that, we need to look at how we actually treat gangrene in our hospitals, believe it or not.…

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The BBC Looks Back At Battle of Britain

As the negotiations with the EU have proceeded, it’s been very revealing how the progressive media have chosen to frame the story. Where once Jean-Claude Juncker was widely mocked as a drunken imbecile, he became a sagacious and disinterested genius. And our own politicians were widely mocked and derided as fools and supplicants. It made me wonder how the BBC (for example) might have covered the Battle of Britain in the summer of 1940…

Churchill Accused Of Manipulating Casualty Statistics

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Mind Gargling Nonsense About Inequality Under Communism

It’s astonishing that people can be this damn ignorant about the past:

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, despite the fact that eastern European states have became wealthier, the poor in these states have become poorer and the rich richer. In the 1980s, the total earnings of the poorer half of east Europeans was equivalent to 25-35% of national income. Since the end of communism, this figure has dropped to 17% in some countries.

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Pre-Election Fun

Update: I have setup an election prediction spreadsheet.

General Election Poll: Winners?

  • Labour
  • Conservative
  • Brexit / Con Coalition
  • Labour / Remain Alliance
  • No Overall Majority

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Didn’t add Lib Dems ‘cos…democracy.

If anyone fancies a hand at predicting seats… we can see who gets closest in Dec..

Tim’ll give you a book or something. The unsigned copies are worth more.


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The EU Are Much Too Modest About Their Products

Clear product labelling is so important – consumers need information in order to be able to make rational decisions about the products they buy and consume.

The origins of products is particularly important, and as a proud European I feel that the Soviet European Union has for too long been overlooked in the vital role it plays in bringing to our supermarket shelves some of the best products in the world. Commonly, wine labels will say “Produce of France” or Produce of Spain” with no mention of the Soviet European Union at all – this is scandalously nationalist.…

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Argentina’s Dreadful Poverty Statistics – Depends Who Is Counting And How

A report today that poverty has increased dreadfully under Macri in Argentina. The correct answer really being, well, who is counting and how? It being worth noting that no poverty statistics were published for the last three years under Christina Kirchner. For the very good reason that her government was lying through its teeth about the inflation number. To the point that they actually tried to jail people who were calculating the correct one.

When they’re jailing people who report that reality isn’t meeting the plan then perhaps we shouldn’t be trusting the statistics, eh?…

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Dan Davies Is Right – We’ve Not Had A Proper Recession For Decades

Those still nursing tender bruises from the Crash aren’t going to like this idea but Dan Davies is interestingly correct here – we’ve not had a proper recession for ages. Decades in fact. Because we’ve not had a recession that is simply a turn of the business cycle, we’ve had a series of disasters which we’ve attempted to cure. Davies’ point is that we’re not prepared for the coming recession, which will be a normal one, simply because we’ve got out of the habit of dealing with normal recessions.…

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Christiansen and Shaxson Are Either Lying Or Grossly Ignorant On The Subject Of PFI

John Christensen and Nick Shaxson have put together a submission to an inquiry into wealth inequality in the UK. In the course of which they reveal that we should all have serious concerns over their potential access to sharp objects. Actually, to their ability to chew gum and fart at the same time.

Or, of course, it is possible that instead of merely being remarkably ignorant of the subject under discussion they’re lying for some political reason.…

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WeWork Is Long $46 Billion In Leases – And Selling Short

The problem with banking is maturity mismatch. Actually, that’s what we have banking for, to do the maturity transformation that we get from maturity mismatch. Banks borrow short and lend long. That’s why we can’t all turn up and demand the money back and thereby create bank runs.

OK, we solve that, central banks. But maturity mismatch is a problem. One that must be watched and managed:

WeWork’s S-1: some quick observations

That’s Alphaville. And the little detail that struck me:

As of June 30, 2019, future undiscounted minimum lease payments under these leases were approximately $236.6 million, which represents 0.5% of the Company’s total lease commitments as of June 30, 2019.

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Mia Khalifa’s Exploitation – $12,000 For 3 Month’s Work

As Gary Becker pointed out – not part of the work which gained him his Nobel in fact – the question is not why Mia Khalifa was paid so little but why was she paid so much? $12,000 for three month’s part time work is actually quite a lot of money. It’s up there at median household income for the US for that part time work at unskilled labour. Why so much therefore?

Mia Khalifa – once the most popular (adult) star on the planet – has just done the least sexy thing a woman can do: speak out against the adult entertainment industry, the one that made her rich and famous.

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