Just What Is It, Exactly, That’s Wrong With English Nationalism?

It’s possible to have long and involved whinges about the English and what we’ve done to the world. It’s also possible to cut to the quick over contemporary whines about English nationalism:

‘Englishness’ was never enough to build a nation on

We’d rather disagree with the Guardian headline writers there. The English nation is defined, by definition, by whatever Englishness is. Just as the Welsh or Scots nations are defined by whatever grab bad of whatevers creates their national feeling.…

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Beer Then Wine, We’ll Be Fine

“I have taken more out of alcohol that alcohol has taken out of me“, declared Winston Churchill.

The national saviour and veteran tosspot was right not just for himself, but for his nation.

Because it turns out that here in the UK, drinkers pay for quite a bit of what we need doing.

But how much?

When we on the Right lazily claim that welfare recipients spend their dole money on “beer and fags”, the Left insists that this is a myth – that dole money is barely enough to live on, and there is precious little left over for recreationals.…

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Muddying the Waters

Here in our dismal pit, we perked up a bit as we read the following headline in the Grauniad:

Clarity on Burford Capital is needed after Muddy Waters treatment

A bit of background on this. The hedge fund Muddy Waters, which has no connection to McKinley Morganfield, aka Muddy Waters, the blues singer-songwriter—but perhaps it should have—issued a nice little report putting the knife into listed company Burford Capital which caused a huge drop in the latter’s share price.…

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There’s Stupidity, Politics, Then Dashcam Recording Your Own Drug Deals

Sadly this is the wrong sort of Celt to make this a story truly supportive of English prejudices but there’s stupidity, politics, then recording your own drug deals on your own dashcam. Which is exactly what did happen here:

Man jailed after his own dashcam filmed him dealing drugs
Camera in car contained two hours’ footage of Scott Curtis’s transactions

It had to be a Celt of course, this is why it’s still legal to hunt them with a bow after dark in Chester*:

On Friday 19 July, Merthyr Tydfil crown court was told police caught Curtis throwing small bags of cocaine and heroin out of his car window after they pulled him over in September last year.

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Scottish Citizens Assembly Self Selects For Indy Voters

Nicola Sturgeon wants to try a Citizens Assembly to set the future of the country.
Widely reported but here it is in the Speccy

The idea is to bring together 120 randomly-selected Scots to ruminate on the future of the nation…each member will get £1,200 plus expenses for six weekends’ work

So, 12 days work, £100 a day. Equivalent to £25k a year, a bit less what with being weekend work. Pretty much average wage then.…

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De Fault Is In The Stars

Yeah, a really bad pun, but we specialise in such. So what recently caught our eye here in our dark scribbler’s pit was a recent news report about the travails of certain U.S. private equity groups. If you work at the private equity groups Lone Star and Oaktree Capital you’re busily kicking yourself, as the Financial Times reported here

Shopping centres breach loan terms after stores fail

Now it couldn’t have happened to a nicer group of people, really.…

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Dear Owen Jones – If The Home Office Should Be Abolished Why Do You Want More Government?

It’s entirely true that Owen Jones writes well – the problem is that this seems to take the place of thinking well. Thus we get, wondrously expressed, a piece insisting that the Home Office is cruel, capricious and entirely free from any possibility of reform. It should be abolished.

OK, I’ve written a piece or two making that sort of argument myself. Actually, I made this argument when Owen Jones was still at Oxford listening to George Formby records to preserve his authentic working class accent.…

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