Taxi Ride Anyone?

So here we go again. Just as the dust settles on that deflating balloon that was the Lyft initial public offering along comes another taxi seeking your hard-earned pennies. We have the Uber roadshow! Bigger. Better and with more accessories than before, but still after your hard earned cash, as you can read here:

Uber is expected to seek $10 billion in IPO

Wow! You know that loose change you lost down the back of the sofa, well now’s the time to get the metal detector out and find it.…

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Jan Care*

Well, well, well, just look what’s happened!

That overhyped and touted IPO by Lyft is now in the doldrums. There’s this piece here by USA Today:

Need a Lyft? The stock price of ride-hailing company ends lower following last week’s IPO

According to USA Today on Monday the stock – launched at a mouth-watering $72 was trading down at $69—a fall of $3 from its IPO price, but $19.6 down from its peak of $88.6.…

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Papa Renty and Harvard’s Profits From Photos Of Slaves – Bad Law, For The Photographer Owns Them

That Louis Agassiz held some views which are regarded as both wrong and distasteful these days is true. That he organised for photographs to be taken of some slaves back in 1850, that Harvard currently has those pictures is also true. It is even true that slavery was an appalling blot on humanity and we’re very glad we all got rid of it, even if too late, well over a century ago.

However, all of that doesn’t mean that the descendants of the slaves should have or own the photographs.…

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The Obvious Reason Most Americans Pay Taxes – Tax Rates Are Low

The Atlantic runs a piece of that gee, whizz, what could possibly explain this stuff idiocy. The subject under discussion being why Americans seem to pay their taxes – voluntarily, and with a higher rate of acceptance – than other countries. The clear and obvious point to consider being, well, do Americans have to pay less in tax than the people of other places?

The answer is yes, considerably less. That people know we need government, that we need taxes to pay for gubmint, we’re working with adults here so yes, everyone knows that.…

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US Citizens To Need EU Visas From 2021 – It’s America’s Fault, Sadly

Currently United States citizens visiting the European Union for under 90 days do not need a visa – this will change from 2021, all will need to gain a new type of visa. We could say this is all the Europeans being mean to Yanks but it’s not actually that at all. It’s that Uncle Sam has been mean to some Europeans and as a result Europe is to place these restrictions upon all Americans.

The point being that visa requirements are always reciprocal.…

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Heavy Lyft-ing

The future, so they say, is with the new economy. New ways of doing things will replace all the old ways in short order. But to do this, you’ve got to displace the existing system. Sometimes innovation brings something never seen before (think Amazon) or provides new ways of doing the same ol’ thing.

That last is the challenge facing the new breed of taxi companies. Sorry, they don’t call them that. They’re different. They’re the future.…

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There’s White Supremacy And Then There’s Stupidity

Of course, we’d describe neo-Nazi white supremacy as idiocy anyway but it’s rather nice when they come right out and prove it all over again. One of the splinter groups – they’re all splinter groups really – that makes up the white supremacy movement in the US has just appointed a black guy to be its leader. Not only that, he’s a black guy working as an activist against white supremacy groups. So much so that he seems to have become leader in order to undermine the group:

The new leader of one of the most prominent neo-Nazi groups in the U.S.

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Of Course Kraft Heinz Bonds Did Better Than Stocks, Seriously, Good Grief

In the annals of investment reporting this comes along as one of those no stercore* Sherlock moments. The bonds didn’t fall as far as the stock, recovered faster and ended up less down after the SEC announcement and writedowns last week. Well, yes, this is how debt and equity will respond to corporate announcements. The same happens on the upside too. On the really very simple basis that this is what debt and equity do, respond differently to corporate news.…

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Bernie Sanders Won’t Win In 2020 – Dems Won’t Let Him

There’s a claim that Bernie Sanders can win the Presidential election in 2020. This seems most unlikely to me as I can’t see any manner in which the Democratic Party will allow him to win the primaries. And I really can’t see him winning as a third party candidate.

Conservatives, Don’t Be Fooled. Bernie Can Win.

No, not really.

True, he nearly managed to pull it off last time around but do recall that he was running against Hills.…

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But Why Would Canada Pay $1 Trillion For Montana?

There’s a fun little petition over at – why not sell Montana to Canada to pay down the national debt? The observant will have noted more than just the one problem with this of course:

Montana should be sold to Canada to help pay off some of the U.S.’s national debt, according to a petition on Ian Hammond, the petition creator, wants to sell The Treasure State to the nation’s neighbor to the north for $1 trillion.

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