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It’s possible to have valid complaints about the manner in which actresses, such as Jennifer Lawrence, are expected to flaunt their sexuality in order to sell movie tickets in a manner which actors are not. It’s also possible, as we are, to be more curmudgeonly about this. The Daily Mail has a Shock, Horror! piece about the way in which Lawrence was in a plunging dress (erm the neckline plunged, not the whole thing) to advertise Red Sparrow but her male costars were not.

A photo of Jennifer Lawrence in which she appears to be shivering in a plunging Versace dress at a London press call while her male colleagues are wrapped up in coats around her has sparked controversy on social media.

The Oscar-winning actress, 27, looked freezing in the barely-there dress with a thigh-split in temperatures as low as 3 degrees, as she posed for photos with male stars from her latest spy thriller Red Sparrow.

The sight of actors Joel Edgerton, Jeremy Irons, Matthias Schoenaerts and director Francis Lawrence in multiple layers of clothing has sparked a mountain of tweets on social media, with many saying the press call photo shows how women still feel pressure to be glamorous, whatever the setting.

Well, yes, perhaps. But there is that other view to be had. Maiden aunts and Generation Snowflake might wish to look away at this explanation but everyone else will get it. Worth looking at the picture itself in the Mail (no, we do not steal copyright pictures around here).

Breasts and beards, impressive as some are and unimpressive as many can be, are secondary sexual characteristics. They’re usually associated with certain gonadal set ups, those being the primary sex characteristics. Do note that this is nothing to do with gender, this is sex, biological reality. There’s nothing odd at all with people displaying such secondary characteristics. Human society rather works on the idea that we display the secondary, not primary, ones in fact.

So, we’ve four blokes there showing off their beards – of varying levels of impressiveness. We’ve a young lady showing off her own secondary sexual markers.