Their powers do tend to expand. Pic credit, Terry, via wikipedia

A useful and basic concept is never allow the bastards to pass laws against them that you wouldn’t want to be used upon you. Because as sure as eggs are bird spawn they will be used upon you and me, given time. That’s one of the slippery slopes which might still be a logical fallacy but a basic fact about reality. If the State, the police, have powers to lock people up without all those court and civil liberty protections then the use of those powers will expand to ever more crimes, ever more people, over time.

That’s one you can bank on:

Police will treat gang members like terrorism suspects if they use YouTube music videos to incite violence on the streets, under new proposals to tackle the soaring murder rates.

The measures, if taken forward in consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), will mean officers won’t have to prove that specific videos or social media posts were linked to an act of violence.

Currently, police need evidence to specifically link them to certain crimes.

The move will echo terrorism laws, as under the Terrorism Act the offence of inciting a person to commit an act of terrorism does not need to be linked to a particular attack.

Coming soon, the anti-terrorism laws will be applied to waacism, misogyny and sayingthingsthatwokebaepeopledon’tlike online. Not for any particular reason other than that having gained the power to do so they’ll use it.

The lesson being never allow a law to do to them what you’d not like done to you. Because it will be, it will be.