Do As I Say, Not As I Do On CO2


It’s easy being woke and rich at the same time.

Whilst spewing out the “stop damaging the environment” message by the soundbite to the proles you do still want to private jet around and live it up. Now you can by using the simple excuse that you have neutralised the impact by chucking money at the problem.

”Sir Elton insisted he and his husband David Furnish had made “an appropriate contribution” to a company that specialises in offsetting carbon emissions. The flights, said Sir Elton, were as a consequence carbon neutral.”

Emma Thompson used carbon offset to legitimise her 10,000 mile round trip to help Extinction Rebellion make London traffic congestion even worse.

Greta’s support crew required to sort out getting that carbon fibre boat back home – reportedly a total of 7 transatlantic flights – are also all being carbon offset.

So this weeks woke eco message is that you don’t need to wear lentil sandals, just live your normal life to the max and pay to absolve the CO2 sin.
Actually offsetting CO2 is really cheap. Stunningly cheap. CO2 offset can be bought retail for as little as £4 a tonne from reforestation charities etc. The average family can offset their entire CO2 emissions for a year by spending £50 on such schemes. Offsetting the private jet flights for Hab & Meg probably cost Sir Elton less than the in flight champers.

Wholesale is going to be even cheaper.

Which raises an interesting question – UK annual CO2 emissions are about 350 million tonnes. The UK could be “Carbon Neutral” right now by paying somewhat less than £1bn a year into those schemes. Which is a much better and far cheaper than wasting eye watering amounts of money on new green power stations and electric car infrastructure and all that other nonsense.

We could be CO2 neutral today. What are we waiting for?