Larry Elliott Makes The Case For A Carbon Tax In The Guardian


Not that Larry Elliott is quite realising that he’s making the case for a carbon tax in The Guardian but that is indeed what he’s doing:

What Macron failed to grasp was that winning this battle first means winning the battle for hearts and minds, not least by countering the impression that tackling global heating is a luxury only the better off can afford or that going green means being miserable. The success of the UK’s 5p plastic bag levy is a classic example of how nudge economics can work. Plastic bags have not been banned: consumers simply have to think about whether they are actually prepared to pay for one. The message is that consumers respond to signals: it is not always necessary to ban things.

Quite, put whatever is the cost of climate change into the prices everyone faces when they do anything. At which point they’ll make the decision as to whether climate change is worth doing something about or not.

Job done.

Of course Elliott then rather spoils things by going on to advocate some massive planning exercise where the people in child protection services who allow mass and gang rape of their charges decide the entirety of society but that one paragraph really is the solution in a nutshell.