Of Course The New Royals Should Be Able To Use Jet Airplanes


Prince Harry tells us that using jet airplanes is simply something that has to be done for the safety of his family. Given the nutters who have obsessions about the Royals that might well be true too. But don’t forget what’s going to happen in this Brave New and Green World we’re about to have. The definition of royal, that being who needs to use jet airplanes, is going to expand to include the Commissars of the new society.

Because aren’t the tribunes of the people worthy of royal treatment?

Who, after all, took over the Tsar’s royal train? It didn’t become the 8.15 from Volgagrad now, did it? And the palaces weren’t lived in by the proletariat – but by their representatives.

Duke of Sussex says private jet use essential for his family’s safety

As I say, we might even excuse Harry. But The 6 th representative to the next climate change conference?

The Duke of Sussex has defended his use of private jets, saying the “unique circumstances” of his family’s safety made it sometimes essential and promising to “balance out the impact that I have”.

That 6 th is working on our behalf, to make sure Greenland doesn’t drown Flipper. This is a worthy use to the limited amount of carbon that we can emit. Even, worth forcing the lumpen into planting a few more trees – without compensation of course, just knowing the planet will be saved is enough – across Sussex to offset.

The Duke flew commercially to Amsterdam to launch Travalyst, a new collaboration between companies Booking.com, Ctrip, Skyscanner, TripAdvisor and VISA to find solutions to the threats facing the planet as a result of the growing tourism industry.

Emma Thompson righteously flew first class round trip LA to London in order to appear at a climate change demonstration. Because, you see, she’s one of the In Crowd. And so it will be. They get to continue that industrialised lifestyle as they grind us back into the peasantry.

This isn’t actually a problem. It’s rather the point to at least some of them.