The Guardian Thinks Brasilia – And Rio – Isn’t In Brazil


This is a good little piece of mapmaking. The Guardian seemingly insisting that most of Brazil isn’t actually in Brazil:


Which is pretty good really.

Yes, obviously, we can see what they’ve done, drawn a line around the Amazon forest, it just so happens that the word Brazil is inside that. But not a good piece of design there.

Once we’ve got past the tee hee bit there is still an important lesson there though. Note that most of the Amazon isn’t burning. Also, that most of the burning isn’t in the Amazon. Why, it’s almost like there’s a concerted attempt to mislead here – presumably because there’s one of those awful rightists, you know, anyone not a socialist – in power in Brasilia these days.

As it actually happens fire incidence is up a bit to a lot in some places. Down a bit to a lot in others. The balance being slightly down overall. Which isn’t quite what we’re being told by the world’s assembled press, is it?