The New Green Mini-Train – But Why The Hell Put A Bus On Rails?


The grand new idea to beat climate change is to put a bus on railway wheels. Which does seem odd because if we’re to use a bus why not, well, why not use a bus?

I am not exaggerating what is being done either:

Trains no bigger than a single-decker bus could be rolled out across Britain under plans to cut emissions and reopen branch lines.

What problem does a train no larger than a bus solve?

The government is funding trials of an “ultra-light”, environmentally friendly train powered by gas from organic waste in place of a conventional diesel engine.

Any form of diesel engine that we can put in a train we can also put in a bus. Thus we can use the same fuels in the same ICE engine in a bus or a train.

It is hoped that the new generation of trains will make it far easier to operate small loss-making branch lines.

Why would we want to do that? Trains being on fixed point to point routes, buses being capable of more variation.

Its units are less than 10m long, weigh 12 tonnes, carry up to 60 people and have a top speed of 40mph,

That really is what we call a bus you know.

The technology would be applied to bigger trains capable of carrying between 90 and 120 people and reaching 60mph.

That would be two buses.

There is no problem that is being solved here by using a 19th century technology such as railways. All we’re doing is making the same transport volume and route more expensive. Seriously, at least the diesel driven omnibus is a 20th century technology….