Why Not E10 Biofuel? Because It Provides Jobs, That’s Why Not


Apparently the use of E10 biofuel is just a no brainer:

Climate change: ‘No brainer’ fuel change to cut transport carbon

Hmm, well:

E10 is a mixture of 10% ethanol with 90% petrol, double the current permitted maximum.

Well, we’ve decent enough experience of biofuels, haven’t we? Including the fact that they end up producing more CO2 rather than less. But, apparently, it’s all a no brainer:

“For many reasons it is absolutely a no-brainer,” said Nic Dakin MP, the chairman of the all-party group. “On the environmental front, it’s a cleaner, greener fuel at a time when we’re trying to address air pollution and tackle climate change.

Well, let’s see if we can think of a reason why not:

“It is bonkers that the Department of Transport has yet to publish its consultation on the introduction of E10,” said Nic Daikin. “The British bioethanol industry is in a state of collapse, and ministers can not allow the fog of Brexit to distract them any longer from saving a £1bn industry that will not only make our cars cleaner and greener, but provide thousands of green jobs in the North and prove that the government is serious about championing the green economy.”

Ahh, there we go, that’s why not. Thousands of green jobs, eh? That is, this scheme will use more human labour than alternatives? But that’s exactly the thing we don’t want to do, use more human labour. For that makes us poorer – jobs are a cost, not a benefit.

So, no thanks, no E10. Making us all poorer isn’t a known aim of policy now, is it?