Jack Shepherd Bottles A Barman


This is a heck of a piece of CCTV.

Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd has been jailed for a further four years after he admitted assaulting a barman with a vodka bottle in Devon.

And here’s the interesting little bit about the sentence:

A judge told Shepherd that because he was on bail for Ms Brown’s manslaughter at the time of the assault, the four-year sentence would run consecutively to his current jail term.

The terms of art are concurrently and consecutively. Most to near all British sentences are run concurrently. You’re serving your 7 years for rape at the same time as the 7 years for class A supply and so on. You might have been sentenced to many terms, but you serve them all at the same time. Consecutively is rarer. You finish one sentence and only then start serving the second.

Which is exactly what they’ve done here. And apparently righteously too for that’s a hell of a whack he gives the guy under no obvious provocation. And while he’s already on bail.