The Long Feet of The Law


Dubai police are testing a new device to assist them in the fight against crime, and it is one that police in the UK might make use of.  It is the police hoverbike, designed by Hoversurf.

The police hoverbike will be able to travel at speeds of up to 40mph, for up to 25 minutes and can carry as much as 300kg.  Fine, and it has been tested to cope with the heat and dust the local environment supplies in abundance.  Dubai police are being trained it its use.

Another use immediately suggests itself for the UK, however.  Could this be an effective weapon in the fight against moped crime?  Mopeds can flee down narrow passages and driveways that are inaccessible to police cars, but so can a hoverbike.  A taser-armed officer could make hot pursuit after young thugs snatching mobile phones, wallets and handbags.  Of course, a somewhat faster version would probably be needed for UK city streets, but it would have the manoeuvrability that could outmatch a moped.

It is only by keeping abreast of developing technologies that the forces of law and order can keep one step ahead of those bent on crime.  While a police drone tracks and follows the moped thugs, a police hoverbike can be directed in pursuit, and others perhaps can be sent to intercept.  Quite apart from its probable effectiveness, a hoverbiking police squad looks pretty cool, too, like something that’s strayed out of Blade Runner