Appalling Government Sexism, Quite Vile – More Men Should Go To Jail


If a government minister came out with the statement that more men should go to jail – that is, more men, just because they’re men, should be sentenced to incarceration – then he’d quite rightly be pilloried as the sexist scumbag that he’d just revealed himself to be. We’ve actually got a government minister making the same statement – that fewer women should be sent to jail, just because they’re women – and the progressives are nodding their heads in agreement.

This is not how the world should be, is it? Commit an offence that leads to being jugged, get jugged. What’s the difficulty with that?

He said: “I think we do have to be conscious that sometimes there are different issues with women offenders than there are with men.

“A lot of female offenders, for example, are themselves victims of crime, quite a high proportion are victims of domestic abuse themselves… a lot of them are non-violent, a lot of them [have] complex mental health issues we need to address.

“I think there is a very good point in saying that of the 4,000 or so female offenders who are in custody, how many of them can be dealt with through other means?

“Non-custodial sentences are certainly something to look at, more support in the community rather than within prisons is something we have to look at. There will of course still be women who need to be in prison, serious offenders, but I think there is scope to look at that number and I think that number could come down.”

What’s the damn point of a Tory Government if they’re going to come out with nonsense like that? For this is straight from the usual suspects over on the feminist and progressive side:

Women prisoner backgrounds

46% of women in prison report having suffered domestic violence.
(80% of the women WIP works with have reported experiencing domestic violence).

53% of women in prison report having experienced emotional, physical or sexual abuse during childhood.

31% women in prison have spent time in local authority care as a child.

Nice to see that usual reminder that being in the care of the state is the worst possible start to life, isn’t it?

But there’s something rather important here:

The chart below breaks down the non-adult male and female prison
population by offence category. The most common reason non-adults
were in prison was for VATP offences. 23% of all non-adult males had
committed this offence. This was a lower proportion compared to nonadult
women where VATP was the reason 30% were in prison.

Sexual offences, drug offences, robbery and possession of weapons
offences accounted for a greater proportion of non-adult males
compared to females. The proportion of offenders in prison for criminal
damage and theft offences was greater for non-adult women compared
to non-adult males.

Or in chart form:

Which offences shouldn’t lead to jail?

Sure, that’s the non-adult population. But the basic principle applies. Which of those offences shouldn’t lead to jail time? And which shouldn’t for females but still should for males?

There isn’t an answer here which isn’t driven by the most dreadful, vile, sexism is there?

Still, I suppose that’s the Tory Party at least upholding one time honoured principle then.