A tad de trop perhaps

Many years ago, when I was a working stiff, my employer rolled out a diversity training program (we’re talking 1990s, just for context). One of the things they tried to teach us was “white privilege” although I don’t think they used that term. They did however, try to convince us that being white was like having an “invisible backpack”. To give you an idea of how different the world was then, the white males actually felt safe laughing about this idea afterwards. “Hey Bob, what’s in your invisible backpack today? – I don’t know Larry, I can’t see it”.

Anyhow, I’m increasingly inclined to notice that the real privilege does not go to white people any more. Consider:

A black man can take a table at a Starbucks in a big city and stay there indefinitely without ordering anything. If the store’s manager insists that he comply with their policy that tables are for customers only, it’s RACISM!

A 300 pound black man can attack a police officer and try to take his gun, and if he gets shot in the process it’s RACISM!

If a black man who sells unwrapped, untaxed, unlabelled cigarettes (“loosies” as they’re know on the street) is arrested it’s RACISM! If he resists arrest and has a heart attack due to morbid obesity, it’s RACISM!

I am amazed at leftists’ ability to not just get things wrong, but to get them 180 degrees wrong. I’m just sayin’.