Owen Jones Discovers Something Surprising About Human Sexuality


That the man is well into his 30s before he works this out is a bit of a surprise but there we go, no one’s been accusing Owen Jones of maturity these years. He has just uncovered something about human sexuality:

….and men associate feminine behaviour by men with being gay.

Quite remarkable. Anyone who’s ever been around the nightclub scene of a major city will be shocked, shocked, to find such behaviour going on.

The reality being, of course, that we are all members of a sexually dimorphic species. Behaviour, like plumbing, varies. This therefore is not a surprise:

From a very young age, boys are taught that real men get into fights, say demeaning things about girls and women, show extraordinary athletic prowess, avoid looking studious, don’t do anything to display supposed emotional “weakness” and prioritise competition over cooperation.

This is not taught behaviour, it is innate. We see it in other sexually dimorphic species too. Young stags do not go off and fight, the does nibbling gently on the grass as they do, because the patriarchy is oppressing them.

It’s clear that the success of the LGBTQ rights campaign would free straight men, too. Already, combined with feminism, it has changed what it is to be a man. Men talk more about their feelings than they once did, have more female or gay friends, and spend more time helping to raise children – albeit still not as much as they should. When patriarchy finally lands on history’s scrapheap, all – men, women, non-binary – will be free to be themselves, unpoliced.

Which might rather be one of the problems we’re having with modern society. That the invocations of what it is to be a modern man are somewhat at variance with the innate characteristics of members of a sexually dimorphic species. Or as we might put it, yes, men and women are indeed different in their attitudes toward life, risk, society, communal behaviour. The task is to organise those differences to best effect, not to demand the arrival of The New Man so it can all be different. Soviet Man never did turn up after all…..