Proof That Feminism Won – Capitalism Is Co-opting It


Some women are never pleased. Proof perfect that the feminist project has in fact won is seen as a terrible imposition of yet more of the patriarchy:

For the past 10 years, capitalism has been co-opting the language of sexual equality and feminism in order to sell us a new flavour of mass consumerism – keyrings in the shape of Venus symbols, mugs printed with Maya Angelou quotes, T-shirts sewn by women of colour in economically developing countries under slave conditions that say Women are the Future across the tits. Too often our politics has been exploited, sanitised, repackaged and sold back to us by brands eager to profit from our desires, without letting those desires have the merest speck of an effect on their world view or work practices.  

No, you’re missing the point entirely lovely. When capitalism is chasing it means you’ve won. For as capitalism is admirably amoral it’ll provide whatever it is that you want in pursuit of a groat or two. After all, poontang money has no smell, spends just like any other. And what the capitalists desire, what they chase, is vast piles of cash they can both ski down and also spend on hot and cold running Ferraris. What they’ve got to produce for you to gain that river of lucre doesn’t matter in the slightest.

Therefore if they’ve the sweatshops of the world making pink pussy hats for you then you’ve won. Feminism is mainstream enough to try to profit from it. Society has adopted your views to the extent that it’s all worth trying to make a quid out of.

As Joan Robinson pointed out, the only thing worse than being exploited by a capitalist is not being so.