Grid Girls


So, Formula One has decided to abandon the grid girls – the feminist lobbying has assimilated another hapless victim in its inexorable fascist march against freedom and humanity.

This has to stop.

We’ve made too many compromises already – too many retreats.

They invade our space, and we fall back.

They assimilate entire worlds, and we fall back.

Not again. The line must be drawn HERE.

THIS far. No further.

With apologies to Captain Picard, I don’t really care about grid girls. Or Formula One. If young beautiful women wish to freely exchange their labour for money, and can quit those jobs whenever they like, more power to them.

What we should not abide are those who tell us that because these decisions are not decisions they would make for themselves, others should not be free to make them.

This is the beginnings of tyranny – a human being demanding that an activity be banned, rather than merely choose not to do it themselves. To those that care about freedom, this is morally abhorrent.

And let’s be clear – that is what is happening, and not just here.

The attempt to ban grid girls is merely the latest grotesque piece of minor tyranny masquerading as morality – these people seem to believe that we need a new Mary Whitehouse, and they’re it?

To be clear, a society that decides that grid girls are so helpless that they must be prevented by law from choosing which jobs to take, is not a society which respects women and the choices they make. It is instead a society that has a perverted view of what freedom means. Freedom is about being able to freely choose how to employ your skills and abilities, and also to be free to object to those choices.

So in a free society, feminists who believe grid girls are an affront to humanity would merely boycott Forumla One.

Just as liberals who don’t understand tax law and think Starbucks are tax avoiders should stop buying their coffee.

When you choose freely to avoid a supplier based on their practices, you exercise your free will.

When you demand that a practice be banned so that no-one can enjoy it just because you don’t, you have become a tyrant.

And tyrants should be boycotted.

Because we are destroying our freedoms here – grid girls are merely one more example of the way the petty tyrants and moral busybodies in our culture are shutting down our freedoms. Every time we allow them to prevail like this and destroy jobs and freedoms, we are allowing them to mould our culture and remove our freedoms.

Puzzlingly, the tyannical Left will fight for prostitutes to be be free to sell their labour, but apparently grid girls are too much. Women are allowed to sell their body, but not their image?

To be clear, when you boycott something you enter into a powerful act of protest and ensure that your society remains free – if enough of your countrymen feel the same way as you do, the practce will soon cease, The free market quickly destroys those who fail to deliver value to those with the money.

But when you insist that something is banned, you are bypassing this democratic function and asking that the State pretend that the majority find a practice objectionable. You are using the ban in place of the boycott, because you know that insufficient people agree with you for a boycott to achieve your goal.

You are saying “I know I’m in a minority, but I demand that my opinion prevail because I feel that I am right and all these other people are wrong”

Well, sorry – in a free democracy your petty minority concerns about grid girls or tax avoidance do not entitle you to demand we change the law of the land. If you feel that your views are representative of your countrymen, a boycott will be very effective. But I warn you, as entrepreneurs find when they take their ideas to market, you may be disappointed.

Indeed, that’s the main reason this is happening – feminists have complained to their friends and family about grid girls and have immediately discovered there is insufficient moral outrage for a grassroots campaign to succeed, so they are resorting to the bully pulpit from where they screech their moral outrage and petty tyranny.

We must resist, or we will soon be living in a culture where the rules that govern our lives have been designed by those who couldn’t get broad support for them.