Just Why Wouldn’t Laurie Penny Use McDonald’s To Solve World Hunger?


A certain puzzler here from the pen of Ms. Laurie Penny. She’s going along with the currently fashionable idea that no one should ever talk to populists, they shouldn’t be debated, the media should pay them no mind, because reasons. As with Owen Jones earlier and his insistence that the nasty people who don’t agree with him really should never gain that oxygen of publicity. About which I said:

That Corbynite free lollipops for everyone promise is in direct competition for the support of exactly those same people that “far right” is chasing with stories of Heimat. The white British working class, exactly the group in play as an electoral base at present.

Owen Jones just wants to ban the competition. How liberal of him, eh?

Ms. Penny is making the same claim, advancing the same insistence. These people don’t agree with me, how dare anyone take them seriously?

However, within that grossly illiberal demand is this little puzzler:

The left is catastrophically losing the PR battle in the marketplace of ideas. Inviting someone like Steve Bannon to your conference about how to build a free and open society is a little like inviting Ronald McDonald to your convention on solving world hunger.

Why wouldn’t you ask Ronald? Or at least people from the corporation whose advertising icon he is, McDonald’s? After all, concerning the alleviation of world hunger they seem to do more of it than just about anyone else, feeding as they do some 69 million people a day. Maybe the Indian Railways feed more, or the Chinese Peoples’ Liberation Army, they both seem to do more of everything than anyone else. But someone who knows how to get fresh (-ish) food, non rotting and at least warmish in front of 69 million people a day has something to say about curing world hunger, surely? Even if you don’t think burgers are the solution that logistics chain is going to be of some use as an example?

And actually that’s true too. We currently grow enough food on the planet to feed everyone on the planet. It is the distribution of it before it rots that is the problem. That being the very problem which logistics chains solve and it’s supermarkets and restaurant chains that know about those.

Ronald McDonald isn’t the last person you’d ask about world hunger, the corporation is one of the first in fact. But then Laurie just tosses off this obviousness because to her it is obvious. She doesn’t like Maccy D’s therefore it’s of no use, contains no knowledge she should be aware of. Nor anyone else, clearly.

Which is, of course, why her views on no platforming anyone else for whatever reason need to be rejected. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about, does she? But then, you know, Laurie….