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This lovely story of Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets in the UK not having any, erm, chicken, is producing more than its fair share of foolishness. There are actually people complaining to the police about it all. Which, given the rather large number of alternative outlets willing to provide dead bird to the consumer does seem a tad de trop:

There was panic on the streets of London as the ‘KFC crisis’ rolled into its fourth day, with more than half of its 900 UK stores closed due to a chicken shortage.

Frustrated chicken lovers resorted to contacting their MPs and calling the police, who warned “fried chicken is not a police matter”.

Panic really does seem to be just a little too much.

Which brings us to what is actually happening here. There is no chicken shortage. None at all. There are still tens of millions of the birds fattening up to be fried, enough dead bodies around to be supplying the stores and so on. What has actually happened is that KFC has changed the company they use to ferry them to the shops. And that’s it really.

Well, except, the company they’re using. That’s DHL, now owned by DeutschePost. Yep, the Germans. And we’re not supposed to mention the war these days but that was one of the great failures of the Wermacht, they never really did get logistics properly sorted out. The great KFC shortage is brought to you by the people who couldn’t get overcoats to soldiers in Russia in winter. Not really something to report to the police although the historians might be interested.