The Effects Of Sharia Law On Marriage – Nope, Not This


Mark Twain pointed out that it’s not what you don’t know that’s dangerous, it’s what you are certain is true but which ain’t that is. Which is something of a problem if those insisting upon knowing things which aren’t true are those who rule us.

Well, obviously, MPs are going to be know nothing careerists but we might hope for better from the House of Lords. Except, well:

Baroness Flather was the first Asian woman appointed to the House of Lords

Hmm, a career as a TEFL teacher and then local politician led to this elevation. An education in the law seems not to be among her accomplishments:

All British women have rights under common law, but when women enter into Sharia marriages those rights are sharply curtailed. Their husbands may feel emboldened to turn them and their children out of the home without reason or assistance. Some abusive men, when asked why they are no longer looking after their wives, say the government will take care of them. Men are able to exchange one wife for another and put the onus on the benefits system to care for their families.

Well, no. Entering into a voluntary contract is not a curtailment of rights, it’s an exercise of them. It’s a contract, you know?

But there’s something much more important behind this. All of what is described there is exactly the same as shacking up with someone. Whether you have a contract with the person you shack up with or not. Common law rights apply unless there is that – voluntary – contract. And common law rights in Britain concerning property and living together are pretty meagre. For we’ve a system designed to cover them, something called legal marriage.

Sharia marriage or not doesn’t change the necessity of, for example, child support. It also most certainly doesn’t change the ability to dispose of one mother of children for another. What’s being missed here, the thing being claimed which is not true, is that Sharia marriage law is any different from all other arrangements which are not that legal marriage.

Ignorance of the subject under discussion isn’t likely to be a good basis for law making, is it?