We Must Eradicate The Appalling Gender Working Gap


We hear rather a lot about how women are locked out of certain jobs in the economy. That no one is locked out but that people choose for themselves passes all too many by. Still, the insistence in this modern age is that if there’s some gender imbalance then this is evidence, pure and simple, of discrimination.

OK, so, by their standards, what are we going to do about this?

The majority of councils have no men working in their nurseries, as parents assume they pose a risk to young children.

Of the 38 councils in England, Scotland and Wales which still have in-house nurseries, 26 do not hire a single male teacher.

Jamel Campbell, of the London Early Years Foundation, said: “People are entrusting their precious babies to us, to care for them and to teach them. There is a lot of stigma based on negative stories – children being at harm… men not being nurturing, men not being able to work with children that small.”

Of 400,000 early years educators – which includes preschools, nurseries and school reception classes – 98 per cent are female.

My own answer here would be that we’re a sexually dimorphic species which has a division of labour in the raising of snotdribblers. This doesn’t mean that no men are good at it, nor even that no men are interested in doing it. Only that the predisposition to undertake this task varies in occurrence across sexes – if you insist, across genders. And, well, at that point, shrug. That isn’t how the modern world sees any variances in gender running the other way of course so they should be asked how they’re going to solve this one.

Perhaps, even, we should start insisting that they’ve got to solve this one at the same time as they solve that one where more women get the high paid and interesting jobs.

Once they’ve explained their plans there we could move on to the more important question. Why is it that female models are paid so much more than male?