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We’re asked the following question over at Salon. One to which the correct answer could be we punch down at college kids because it’s usually illegal to actually punch them. But there’s a more important reason – that they are at college tells us that the kids themselves insist they are ignorant and who are we to disagree with their own self-valuations?

New York Times op-ed page punches down at college kids: But why?

Walk through it. You think you know about the world therefore you don’t partake of further education. You could be right, you do know, you could be wrong and you don’t. Those who don’t are there with the media studies graduates flipping burgers, those who do, well, Bill Gates knows a thing or two and he dropped out.

But think what must be true if you’re borrowing $70,000 a year to pay tuition so that you can learn stuff? You’ve just made an argument, 70,000 of them in fact, that you agree, insist even, that you’re ignorant and need to learn more about the world.

So, why is it that we punch down to college students? Why do we take so little note of their opinions? Because they’re the one and only group in the country who by their own actions positively insist that they are as yet ill informed and under-educated. And in this modern world we do indeed have to take everyone at their own insistence of what they are, don’t we? Can’t damage self-esteem by not doing so.