DigitalCare Package.

Across the globe, we’re adjusting to a new reality. Socially distancing ourselves from loved ones and adapting to new routines, even if temporary, can be incredibly challenging. We wanted to take this opportunity to send you a digital care package. Below you’ll find over £100 of materials. A mixture of things we’ve curated, created, or just found helpful. We hope that, in some small way, it may help improve your mental wellbeing. - Tim & The Team
(We'd like to say a BIG thanks to The ASI, IEA and others who helped put this together)

Due to the success of our first Digital Care Package you can view our second release HERE


Eamonn Butler - Condensed Wealth of Nations

The Condensed Wealth of Nations condenses Smith's work and explains the key concepts in The Wealth of Nations clearly. It is accessible and readable to any intelligent layman.

Richard Sheuttinger - Forty Centuries of Price Controls

Covering the ancient world through the first centuries of the US to the 1970's It includes a very helpful conclusion spelling out the theory of wage and price controls.

Madsen Pirie - Freedom 101

Freedom 101 is a personal refutation by Dr Madsen Pirie of many of the common errors of economic, political and social debate. He has selected 101 of these erroneous assumptions in order to show why they are not correct.

Kristian Niemietz - Socialism: The Failed Idea That Never Dies

AMAZON BEST SELLER! Since this is a high-quality book, Niemietz searches for counter-examples to his own thesis, and identifies two.

Alexis de Tocqueville - Democracy In America

Tocqueville believed that equality was the great political and social idea of his era, and he thought that the United States offered the most advanced example of equality in action.

Richard Wellings & Various - A Beginners Guide To Liberty

An introduction to liberty – one of the key concepts of political and economic thought. It explains why liberty is so important and sets out in clear language the benefits of freeing individuals from big government.

David Friedman - The Machinery Of Freedom

This book argues the case for a society organized by private property, individual rights, and voluntary co-operation, with little or no government.

George Orwell - Animal Farm

George Orwell's 1945 satire on the perils of Stalinism has proved magnificently long-lived as a parable about totalitarianism anywhere and has given the world at least one immortal phrase: "Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others."

Madsen Pirie - Trial And Error An The Idea Of Progress

By no means a starter text. This book is the product of work done towards my doctorate at the University of St Andrews.This book is about progress and the methods used to achieve it. It explores the meaning of progress, its constituent elements, and the conditions which favour it.

Eamonn Butler - Foundations Of A Free Society

The book presents in simple terms the moral, economic and practical case for a free society, including issues such as property rights, justice, equality, law, government, toleration and limits on official power.

Eamonn Butler - Classical Liberalism

Classical liberalism is one of the most important political and social philosophies. ... Yet despite its huge contribution, today classical liberalism is poorly understood and often misrepresented, its insights neglected in an era of pervasive state intervention.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited - Free

Like books? Amazon is offering Kindle Unlimited for FREE. You don't actually need a kindle - just the kindle App which works on iPhone / iPad and Android.

Amazon Prime Video - Free

Amazon Prime is the rival to Netflix. They are offering one month free. They have new series such as Star Trek Picard and thousands of movies to keep you busy during Isolation.

Harry's Razors - Free Trial & Delivery

Right off the bat, Harry's is the clear winner. Yes, with Harry's you're getting one less blade, but you're also getting a shave gel sample and the travel blade cover that I really enjoyed, for almost $/£7 less. No Contract - First Month Free.