Are All Migrants Equal?


Isn’t it amazing how all immigrants are unique human beings that we must treat uniquely, until we talk about immigration rights, and then they are all just equally entitled.

The Left contends that the Portuguese woman who has learned English and worked here for twenty years and paid all her taxes, is no more or less justified to remain here than an Eritrean welfare recipient who has raped and pillaged his way across our country for a decade despite numerous failed attempts to deport him.

Admittedly, Treason May never tried very hard to do that anyway – her tenure in charge of the Border Force was characterised by waving through as many unskilled immigrants as possible.

But we know that economic migrants and refugees are a different story.

To elaborate a little, I would argue there are three types of immigrant, and once you identify them it becomes easier to understand how best to accommodate them.

1) Refugees.

These people typically flee war or persecution with their families and stagger over the nearest border, penniless and exhausted. At that stage, international aid takes care of them and some are settled in other countries.

We should take our fair share, especially if they are Christians persecuted for their faith.

2) Skilled migrants

These people are economic migrants, who wish to work here. Some bring their families and some don’t. If we need their skills (as evidenced by their ability to actually start a business or get a job in advance of their arrival, not some mandarin’s assessment that they have skills we need) then they are welcome here – foreign doctors and nurses have little trouble finding work in the NHS, as evidenced by their current prevalence.

The losses to our economy as they send money home to their families is a cost we have to bear while we have too few native workers able to fill these roles, and their presence is an indication of what types of workers we need – we would expect our government to focus on encouraging more Brits into nursing if the NHS is so short of nurses we need to rely on foreign workers, for example.

But until we get our act together and start matching the supply of native nurses to match the demand, these skilled migrants are very welcome here. And if they decide to stay long enough and become naturalised, that’s great – welcome to the country and we look forward to the many benefits you bring to our nation.

Part of the Great British Dream.

3) Unskilled migrants

These people are neither refugees nor have any skills we need – they primarily come to our country to predate upon us. They often hate our culture, usually can’t speak the language, and have little intention or ability to get work that will involve them paying income taxes. They include terrorists, serious criminals, petty criminals, desperadoes and health tourists.

The Left has rubbed our noses with these people because they do a job that few native Brits want to do – voting Left.

It’s this last group that are the major problem for the West.

In all the developed world, using George Soros’s Open Borders money, immigration activists work to shovel as many unskilled migrants into our countries as they can. In the hope they can overwhelm the natives who desperately vote for them to leave. The Cloward-Piven Strategy no less.

The Left knows that one day soon (and due to breeding rates it may already be too late to prevent), the number of unskilled migrants willing to vote Left for dole money and public sector jobs (let’s hire more of them for the Border Agency and let them wave through their families!) will outnumber the natives willing to work and pay taxes to support them.

And at that point, the country is lost – unskilled migrants will endlessly vote for any government willing to rob natives to pay them, and so taxes or borrowing (and the cost of servicing it) will rise as the country consumes itself in an orgy of parabolic government expansion, corrupt postal voting and grift.

The only question to be asked at that point is whether Enoch Powell was right about the consequences, or will the native Britons quietly vanish into history with barely a murmur, as national white flight causes an exodus from these shores of all those weary of paying to watch their children and country be raped by hate-filled and unprosecutable foreigners.

Fortunately, we are getting some object lessons – we just need to watch France, Germany and Sweden if we wish to see our likely eventual fate if we don’t wake up.

A certain number of refugees should be taken in.

Skilled migrants should be taken in if we need their skills.

Unskilled migrants should surely be made very unwelcome indeed.