Brexit Kayfabe IX: The BoJo Manoeuvre


So after a short period of upheaval, here we are again.

Treason May did her best to shove through Parliament a treaty that made Britain subordinate to the EU in all material respects, and failed by a whisker. Despite the Speaker bending the rules to allow the same deal to be brought back again and again, she simply could not shake loose enough of the Brexiteers to get it passed.

But let’s remind ourselves how close she came to achieving this grotesque political betrayal.

Prior to Chequers in July 2018, she had talked tough – “no deal is better than a bad deal!” we heard, again and again.

She was just establishing some phony Brexiteer credentials, as it turned out.

She then flew to Brussels the day before Chequers, and Angela Merkel slung across the desk the surrender terms that Great Britain was to accept – the cunningly-named Withdrawal Agreement.

They barely bothered to translate it from German.

And so Treason May took a deep breath and returned home to prepare herself to betray her country.

Except of course in that moment she was not returning home, but to a foreign country – by agreeing to betray Britain in order to serve the EU, she was no longer a servant of Britain, – she was a European more than a Briton.

The next day, at Chequers, she presented the surrender terms to her cabinet, and ruthlessly forced them to back her – the EU’s generational project was at stake, and if their puppet had to threaten to send British Ministers trudging home on foot, so be it.

With their reluctant backing, she began the process of colluding and conspiring with anyone, from any party or none, that could help her force the national surrender through Parliament. The Speaker of the House allowed her plenty of leeway, and fifty Labour Europhiles stood ready to cross the house once the number of objections within her own party fell far enough.

The backstop sat there like the ambit claim it always was – a razor blade that they knew we must refuse to swallow, ready to be taken it off the table if only we would then swallow the Withdrawal Agreement pine cone without further complaint.

All the pieces were in place.

The first attempts failed by 230 votes, but the EU knew that a ton of these objectors were phonies – just careerists scenting a bribe if they pretended to object. With those paid off or bullied aside, the next vote was much closer – a loss by 149.

With the wind in their sails, they prepared for the final push – Europhiles met to count their votes, and concluded that if the third version only had 45 objections, there were enough Europhiles in other parties ready to cross the house and get it over the line. The EU couldn’t believe the spinelessness of the soft Brexiteers, and dared to dream that the fourth attempt would be the charm – maybe they wouldn’t even need to remove the backstop?

The shock of the cross-party betrayal would of course be enormous, and Jeremy Corbyn would look ridiculous as a quarter of his MPs wandered over to join the Tories, but once complete the Europhiles would use their friends in the media to stifle complaints and ensure it all went through slicker than sh*t through a goose – the media would soon have rung with cries of “The decision is made – democracy has triumphed.”

Anyone objecting at that point would have been pooh-poohed aside.

Throughout, the good cops of the EU blandly assured us that once the Agreement was signed, all would be well. While the bad cops (Verhofstadt, Macron and Verakkar) publicly fumed at the “special treatment”, they privately laughed up their sleeves as their plan drew to a successful close. And then the numbers came through – 58.

They didn’t have enough – they had miscalculated. It was too many. Perhaps only by a handful of votes.

Treason May was aghast – the EU were furious.

Within weeks, it became obvious that trying again could not succeed with Treason May and her unspeakably toxic Chancellor at the helm – their collusive stench was now so pervasive that any further attempts would see the cause going into reverse, and that 58 might start to rise.

The EU called her to tell her it was all over – a quick kick to the shins with a poison-tipped boot knife, and she was finished. A tearful goodbye with the ashes of her dreams around her, and The Gypsum Lady was gone. No doubt before the end of the year the EU will toss her a cushy tax-free job in the belly of the beast for her efforts – perhaps a nice spot back in central banking?

The EU now surveyed the wreckage, and wondered if they could shoehorn another puppet into place – of the runners, many were Remainers, and career spook Rory Stewart was a fine potential Manchurian Candidate on paper. Except he looked like Nick Park had glooped him together on a bench in his shed.

What wouldn’t the EU globalists have given for smooth and polished creatures like Barack Obama, or Emmanuel Macron, with their elderly acting coaches at their elbows.

The best they could do? Jeremy Hunt.

And so they backed him all the way, attempting the same trick again – get it down to the last two and then manufacture a scandal to eliminate the Brexiteer. Like they did to Andrea Leadsom last time.

And yet this time they failed – the scandalettes they manufactured were too meagre and Boris Johnson’s character too raffish for any of it to stick. The affairs were already legend, and the domestic abuse farrago too fantastic – BoJo romped home.

And yet the reaction of Nigel Farage tells us much – did he fold away his deckchairs and go home relieved? No – he started a whole new political party.

Farage isn’t stupid – he know that BoJo is a slippery character with a thorough grounding in realpolitik. Without pressure from his right flank he would fold and become another EU puppet, but with it he might come through. Can he find his Churchillian instincts, or is he too frit? Does he too aspire to puppetry, and all the glamour that comes with it?

We are about to see – when the EU take the ambit claim off the table and remove the backstop, Boris Johnson will have a choice to make – does he bring forward the surrender terms again, revealing to the world that he is willing to sell his country just like Treason May was, or does he laugh in their faces and demand Canada Plus and threaten to walk away onto WTO terms?

What we are about to see is whether Boris Johnson is Winston Churchill, or Lord Halifax. A proud Briton, willing to battle great evil even at great cost, or a mealy-mouthed appeaser, willing to trade away national security and freedom for baubles and an easy ride by the EU and their pet media.

If the latter, brace yourself for more outraged sputtering from the bad cops – Macron, Verhofstadt and Veradkar (although they seem to have delegated Veradkar’s role to his deputy Coveney now)

Brace yourself for headlines calling BoJo a “tough negotiator” and claiming that the EU is “cracking under the pressure”, in order to make the EU capitulation appear like a reluctant one.

And then brace yourself for Boris telling us that now the backstop has been removed, the Surrender Agreement is now a good deal.

If the former, brace yourself for hippie roadblocks.

Either way, brace yourself for the demonisation of the Brexiteers, as their continued reluctance to agree is framed as idelological insanity. The media portraying Brexiteers as unreasonable ideologues, for whom no Brexit except a “brutal, extreme, crash out no-deal” would be sufficient.

Keep an eye out for repeated use of the word “extremists”

If I’m wrong about him, BoJo will tear up the Surrender Agreement and push the EU for Canada Plus Plus.

As has been asked about him his whole life……….is BoJo the real deal?