DC Kids The Most Underprivileged In The Country


A report stating that the kids in Washington DC are the most underprivileged in the country. I strongly suspect that this is a matter of composition, not reality:

New study shows kids in District of Columbia are the most underprivileged in the country, facing daily threats of homelessness and food insecurity A common refrain in America’s capital city goes something like this: there’s Washington, and then there’s DC. Washington is where Congress passes bills, tourists visit the White House and Donald Trump stars in a daily political soap opera.

But DC – the District of Columbia, in which the city sits – is where more than 700,000 people live. People go to work, families share meals and children go to school. And many of those children, living just a few miles from the US Capitol, are facing the daily threat of homelessness and food insecurity. According to a new WalletHub study, children in the district are the most underprivileged in the country. The study – which looked at a number of factors, ranging from the share of children in foster care to high school graduation rates – found that DC children face worse conditions than children in states like West Virginia (third worst), Louisiana (fifth worst) and Oklahoma (seventh worst).

What they’ve done is – I think at least, it’s not possible to look at the full study – look at the numbers state by state plus DC. DC is a significant anomaly when you look in this manner. For it’s a few square miles of inner city. OK, not entirely, but in essence. Comparing that with Nebraska, or West Virginia, doesn’t really work. What we need to do with DC is compare it with some other largely inner city area. Say, East St Louis. Or any of the other areas Randy Newman mentions in “Rednecks”.

The answer here in this report is determined simply by their definition of the area to be studied. DC just isn’t a state like other such.