The Age Pay Gap FFS.


We’ve had the gender pay gap.

And now Radhika Sanghani  is complaining about the ethnicity pay gap.

But there’s one pay gap that people just aren’t talking about: the age pay gap.

I’d like to complain about that.

Indulge me.

Older workers get paid more on average than younger workers – fact.

On average, workers over forty get paid 90% more than those under thirty.

Admittedly this is because they work longer hours, in more demanding roles, with greater responsibilities, and with less competition for these roles.

Additionally, older people have personal responsibilities and so they tend to demand more money, and have the skills and experience to know how to ask for a pay rise.

This is manifestly unfair – young people simply don’t have the skills and experience to know how to ask for a pay rise, or indeed to do the jobs that these older workers do.

This is also unfair.

When will this be taken seriously by government and money taken out of the productive economy to pay retarded progressives to come up with rules and laws that force employers to pay all workers the same, regardless of their age?

It can’t come soon enough comrade.