You Cut, We Choose


Whenever cake was on the table and me and my sister were in the queue for some, to forestall the inevitable arguments about whose slice was bigger, my mum imposed the old “You cut, she chooses” rule.

Never has my eye been keener or my hand steadier – I doubt experienced brain surgeons could have surpassed me in those moments.

And I can think of three occasions when those demanding some change to the status quo should be asked to endure this test.

The first is when, as now, commentators from a particular side of the aisle ask that free speech be denied.

To which the obvious answer is – “Fine. As long as WE always get to decide whose speech is denied.”

The second is when activists who hold a particular position want to enact policies and it’s suspected it is merely a pretext for their preferred ideology – James Delingpole has laid out very nicely how the Green Blob tends to be leftist, and there is a simple solution to that.

Please confine your recommendations to free market ones.

And the third is politicians proposing new laws.

Obamacare was a good example of politicians (in America in this case) imposing rules and regulations on their citizenry, but then quietly agreeing to exempt themselves from them.

The answer of course is something like “Yes we’ll impose these new laws. But only on lawmakers and their families, for the first five years”

That should put a stop to the warmongering too?

“Yes we’ll go to war – as long as your children are on the front line driving lightly-armoured Land Rovers, wearing sub-standard body armour and carrying rifles so bad they were dubbed the Civil Servant”*

*they won’t work, and you can’t fire them

You cut, we choose.