Quelle Surprise – Natural England Wants More Money For Natural England


Or perhaps to be entirely more accurate, the newly incumbent boss of Natural England, Tony Juniper, wants there to be more money for Natural England. The evidence that their budget must rise? The sign on a nature reserve doesn’t show the correct bureaucratic organisation. And of course that’s terrible, who would people know to thank for the existence of nature if they weren’t told?

England’s nature reserves are becoming overgrown and unloved because of a lack of government funding, the head of Natural England has said. Tony Juniper, who assumed the role earlier this year, tweeted photographs from his visits to National Nature Reserves over the weekend, which show ivy climbing over signs which haven’t been updated in over a decade.

It’s a very terror, isn’t it? Signs that haven’t been updated?

Mr Juniper agreed, replying: “Yes. Here’s another picture that tells a similar story. We need to invest more as a nation into our NNRs, the jewels in the crown of England’s Nature. I & Natural England colleagues will be making the case for more resources to undertake that and other vital basic functions.”

We could allow a little sunshine in here as a disinfectant. What is actually being said is that a bureaucracy would like to have more money to feed the bureaucracy. Clearly we need to have some more Tristans, Jocastas, staffing the sign replacement bureau. No more actual blokes humping new bits of tin across the country of course, but nice indoor jobs in diversity and HR. After all, that’s what we have environmental bureaucracies for, to employ the dimmer members of the upper middle classes.