The Terrors Of Cuadrilla’s 1.5 Richter Earthquake – A Shopping Bag Fell Over


A useful guide to how stupid the UK’s current restrictions upon fracking are is this story about how Cuadrilla has just caused the largest earthquake that such fracking has caused.

A shopping bag fell over.

As a result of which we should not frack, we should leave billions of £ worth of energy underground, suffer heatless through the winters nights. Because, you know, a bag of shopping falling over is an important event.

Or of course it isn’t and the earthquake regulations on fracking are just an attempt to make sure no one is ever allowed to do it. Which, perish the thought, might just be it, eh?

Cuadrilla was forced to halt fracking at its shale gas site near Blackpool in Lancashire on Wednesday night after triggering the largest tremor recorded at the location. The tremor closed down operations at the Preston New Road site shortly after it was detected at 8.46pm. The shutdown comes less than a week after Cuadrilla started fracking its second well on the site after abandoning the first well following multiple shutdowns because of tremors. The fracking firm said the “microseismic event” measured 1.55ML on the Richter scale,

Hmm. 1.55 eh? What’s that when it’s at home?

Richter TNT for Seismic Example
Magnitude Energy Yield (approximate) -1.5 6 ounces Breaking a rock on a lab table
1.0 30 pounds Large Blast at a Construction Site
1.5 320 pounds
2.0 1 ton Large Quarry or Mine Blast

Note though what this is actually saying. It’s not like setting off 320 lbs of TNT right next to your shellike lughole. Rather, it’s like setting that off a mile or so away. With it being rock for that mile between you and the blast.

Or, as Cuadrilla put it:

which it likened to “a large bag of shopping dropping to the floor”.

Terrors, eh? We must all shiver because of this, no doubt about it.

Cuadrilla has blamed the earthquake rules for stifling the UK’s nascent shale industry.

Not believable in the slightest, is it? After all, we do in fact shut down all the windmills when someone drops a bag of shopping, don’t we?