Welcome To The New Food Fascism


That some people think we should use – or no – plastic in the supermarkets, well, fair enough. Freedom and liberty do mean differences of opinion are allowed.

Except, of course, that there are fascists in every line of work. Yea, even, whether we should use more or less plastic in the supermarkets:

The first key step towards this vision is widening the packaging-free philosophy to all stores of all the major supermarkets, and, crucially, not giving consumers who might resist change the option to stick with the polluting packaged goods that feel so familiar.

That’s not freedom nor liberty, is it?

Alison Stowell
Lecturer at Lancaster University Management School, and Associate Director of the Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business Research Centre., Lancaster University

Not that freedom nor liberty seem to be something of much interest in our universities. Bit of a pity, given that Britain pretty much invented that expansive definition of civil liberty in the first place.