You’ve Got It, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Is Both A Monomaniac And An Idiot


The latest bulletin from the frontline of the war for Gaia. Why is it that people in drunken crowds are served alcohol in plastic rather than glass?

What could possibly be the reason here? Any thoughts? The possibility that we consider 50 unstitched – because uncreated – Glasgae Smiles of more value than Flipper should be considered perhaps?

At which point we’ve Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall:

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has labeled the Edinburgh Fringe festival a ‘plastic nightmare’ after seeing venues give out plastic cups instead of reusable glasses over health and safety fears. At the arts festival, which happens in pubs, bars and theatres across the city, attendees are given single-use plastic pint glasses to carry their drinks from venue to venue and eliminate the risk of broken glass underfoot. However, plastic waste campaigners have argued that there must be a more sustainable way to achieve this aim. The River Cottage chef said: “Having a great time at the #Edinburgh Festival, but it’s a #plastic nightmare, with most bars and venues insisting on plastic for all drinks (except cans). “I get the wish to avoid broken glass, but SO MUCH PLASTIC. Anyone here found a good solution? #WarOnPlastic #edfringe2019”.

So just try that thinking thing Hugh. Yes, we know it’s difficult. We know it makes the noggin hurt having to get those synapses turning over. But why is it that plastic is used to serve drunken crowds?