Takeaways Are Just Too Easy For Children Say The Food Fascists


The idea that just anyone, armed only with the coin of the realm, should be able to walk the high street and buy food horrifies some. For, as we all know, they might buy food that they enjoy, that they like the taste of, instead of what is approved of by the prodnoses. This will never do, of course it won’t. For what’s the point of putting all the prodnoses into government if we can just do what we want anyway?

Most children are buying takeaway for their lunch at least once a week, according to a new study from the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF).

The research found that 60 percent of 11 to 16-year-olds said they bought food such as chips or fried chicken from takeaways at lunchtime or after school at least once a week

Takeaways are too readily available to children, the BNF has warned, pointing to the results of the survey.

Now, normally, that’s where we’d leave the story. Just aghast at the impertinence of these people that they demand control over what we all eat. But it does get better this little story. This might be a tad of projection here on my part but interesting – to me – all the same:

The study also found that 48 per cent of primary school students and 39 per cent of secondary school students reported eating three or more snacks a day.

While fruit was the most popular snack among the majority of primary and secondary school students, this was closely followed by less healthy options, with almost half of children aged 7 – 11 years saying they snack on crisps (46 percent) and chocolate (46 percent).

The survey revealed that many children do not enjoy eating healthily, with 36 percent reporting that they don’t like healthy foods, 20 percent saying that healthy foods are boring and 12 percent not sure what the healthiest foods are.

So, who are the BNF? Well, they’re generally regarded as being the food industry personified. And all the major manufacturers do contribute to their costs. That projection warning again.

Well, what does the food industry make, what does the large part of it, the large companies? That’s the crisps and chocolates etc which the kiddies are snacking upon. What do the large companies not make? The takeaways. So the recommendation is that the take outs be limited and not the choccies and crisps. Amazing that, isn’t it?