The New – Very Expensive – Finnish Food Made From Electricity, Air And Water


A Finnish company has decided that we all actually need is a food that’s ten times more expensive than the ones we already eat. Certainly, that’s the sort of thing that will solve the obesity crisis but it’s not obviously an advance in human civilisation. That civilisation having been driven over the millennia by the manner in which food gets ever cheaper. Meaning that we’ve progressively more income to go do other things rather than provide the three squares. Those other things being the definition of what civilisation is of course.

So, this might not be all that much of an advance:

A Finnish company that makes food from electricity, water and air has said it plans to have 50m meals’ worth of its product sold in supermarkets within two years. Solar Foods is also working with the European Space Agency to supply astronauts on a mission to Mars after devising a method it says creates a protein-heavy product that looks and tastes like wheat flour at a cost of €5 (£4.50) per kilo.

Sure, limited uses, of course. But general? Look at the price there.

And compare. Wheat runs around $250 a tonne out there beyond the EU’s barriers against having cheap food. Wheat to flour (white) is about 70%, ignore exchange rates and that means a kilo of flour is some 40 cents €.

We need something equivalent to flour at 10 x the price do we?

Do also note. If this stuff is more expensive then it uses more resources to make. That’s what makes it more expensive….