Transphobic Violence Rather Depends Upon What We Define As Transphobic Violence


A tale from Canada about the travails of the trans:

A Canadian court has ruled in favour of a transgender teenager who this week argued he would be left “stranded” between genders if the judges backed his father’s legal efforts to halt his hormone treatment. The panel of three judges upheld on Thursday a previous decision by a lower court in British Columbia, clearing the way for the teen to continue his hormone treatment. The case centres on a 14-year-old from Vancouver, who started publicly identifying as a male at 11. After a suicide attempt and meetings with medical professionals, the teen requested hormone therapy to transition from female to male, but his father took legal action to stop the process.

I fear that history won’t be kind on certain aspects of this tale and the process more generally.

Of course consenting adults should get up to whatever, absent third party harm, consenting adults wish to get up to. But we’ve also that admonition that those who do things to children risk that millstone and the bottom of the sea.

The point about a 14 year old being, well, we don’t actually trust their decisions upon anything. We don’t trust them to drive, drink, smoke, we’re very doubtful indeed about their ability to determine their own diet. We insist that they’re so ill informed that they’ve another two to four years of compulsory schooling to go. We don’t even let them have sex. And yet they’re competent to decide which sex they are to be?

Puberty blockers perhaps – on the assumption that those claims of simple reversal are true – but actual sex changes before the age of majority?

Whut? Seriously?

Medical experts have advised the court that because the child is midway through the hormone treatment, many of the effects are not reversible.

But that’s not really the point of this story. This is instead:

The lower court also ordered the father use the child’s chosen pronouns, meaning that if the father used his child’s birth name, or referred to him as a girl, it would be viewed as family violence under the province’s Family Law Act.

Paula instead of Paul is now family violence?

Can we go back to the days when the adults made the laws please?