We’d Like To Offer Jessica Yaniv A Free Brazilian Wax


This is a real offer by the way, transport not included. One family member is a fully trained and licenced genital waxing operative – a somewhat clumsy construction there but we’re not sure what the correct legal description is.

There are two provisos. This offer is open – and again, entirely free, including labour, supplies and taxes – only and when Jessica Yaniv presents herself at the correct location in Southern England. Only for the reason that that’s where the family member lives and practices. The second is that what will be given is exactly what is being demanded – a full Brazilian wax treatment just as designed and given to women. For that is the claim being made, that Yaniv is indeed female and thus should have access to exactly those same beauty treatments, from the same suppliers, that women can access.

We’re not just willing to make this offer we’re absolutely delighted to in fact. Because there’s something we’ve not seen mentioned in the debate about this.

There are, you see, two different sets of waxes to be used. One, which makes contact with the skin, which therefore takes off the top skin layer and also the hair. This is used exclusively upon women. The other, which makes contact only with the hair, pulls that out and does not take off that top layer of skin.

When dealing with the scrotal sack this is an important difference in method. For it is actually possible to rip the scrotal sack itself if using the female designed wax on a male.

So, our offer is that given Jessica’s insistence that she is indeed female in every manner we will treat her, buckshee and free, to a Brazilian wax for a female.

And good luck to her say we.

This all originating in this:

The Canadian human-rights litigant formerly known as Jonathan Yaniv—a trans woman who now goes by the name Jessica, but whom we will refer to simply as “JY”—is a unique figure among those who follow the debate over transgender rights. In 2018, this self-described “global internet personality” and “social justice warrior” contacted numerous Vancouver-area aestheticians seeking Brazilian-wax services—a process Wikipedia describes as “the removal of all pubic hair from the [female] pelvic region, vulva, labia, perineum and anus, while sometimes leaving a thin strip of hair on the mons pubis.” As reported by Joseph Brean in Canada’s National Post, JY seems to have sometimes used the name “Jonathan” when first making contact (an act of self-“deadnaming,” as it were), revealing only later in the conversations that the “Brazilian” in question would be performed on a client who is legally a woman, albeit a woman who has a penis and testicles. Predictably, some of the aestheticians indicated that they either didn’t have the expertise to perform their trade on such a client, or resisted the idea of having a male-bodied individual in their work area (which may also be their home, with children on premises)—at which point JY responded with human-rights complaints.

Or as we might put it, we’ve your human rights just here laddie. Come’n get ’em.