A Call To Action – We Can Tell The Prodnoses To Bugger Off


We have that glorious opportunity to tell the killjoys, prodnoses and assorted idiots what we really think of them. For there’s a government consultation on what to do about those junk foods. What restrictions should here be on price offers on donuts, bacon and butter? Should there be a chocolate rack by the till? All that sort of stuff that our governing class thinks should be restricted. As if there are no real problems in the world to try and solve.

But it’s a public consultation. As we’re part of, members of, the public we get to tell them. So, do, go and tell them.

It’s all here.

Consultation description
This consultation asks what you think about: restricting volume-based price promotions of HFSS food and drink that encourage people to buy more than they need, for example, ‘buy one, get one free’ and free refills of sugary soft drinks restricting the placement of HFSS food and drink at main selling locations in stores, such as checkouts, aisle ends and store entrances

This consultation also seeks your views on: which businesses, products and types of promotions should be included in the restrictions
definitions for HFSS products, price promotions and locations in stores
how businesses can put this into practice and whether they will face any difficulties

My answer to all being bugger off but those who craft more exquisite answers will most likely have more success.

Go on, tell’em.