Prodnoses – People Must Be Banned From Eating What They Like


There’s a certain type of person, a character set, that we should never allow to get anywhere near actual power over us. Because their point is that we must all stop whatever it is that we desire to do and start doing as we’re damn well told. The major problem with the European Union being that these are the types employed to write the rulebook for 500 million people. But, of course, we’ve got our own home grown ones as well:

Three-quarters of food bought in UK hospitals is unhealthy, audit shows

No one bothering to ask the obvious question, how much of food consumed is bought from a shop in a hospital? If it’s 100% of a weekly diet then perhaps there’s a point here. If it’s 10% then so damn what?

No, think on it. It’s as if they analyse drinks bought in a tea shop and insist the population’s about to die of tannin overload. Or complain that customers of a sweet shop bought sweets – that last being something they might well do.

Researchers have called for radical restrictions on junk food in UK hospitals after an audit of NHS health centres found that people overwhelmingly bought unhealthy snacks and drinks on the premises. Three-quarters of the best-selling snacks in hospital cafes and canteens were rated as unhealthy, along with half of the most popular cold drinks, according to a report by the audit’s authors. Despite hospitals taking steps to promote healthier eating, the audit found that medical staff, patients and visitors tended to shun nutritious snacks in favour of crisps, sweets, cakes and other baked foods including pastries and muffins.

Jeez, they’re analysing sales at caffs. Which is where you go to get your daily ration of fat and sugar, right?

Seriously, we’ve all got to get with the program here. Hoick these anal retentives and obsessives out of any position of power over us that they might have and return to a sensible polity. One where consenting adults get to be consenting adults. Otherwise what’s the point of having this freedom and liberty thing in the first place?