BAME Organ Donation Increasing – Yes, So Is BAME


The Guardian tells us all that the number of BAME organ donations is increasing. Sure, this is good, more lives saved. But there’s also a certain whiff of The G telling us all how good those little immigrants are being by conforming to the social mores of this country. Aren’t they doing well?

Along with a stubborn refusal to grasp the point that of course BAME donations are increasing. So’s the number of BAME people who could be donors.

Organ donations from BAME community at record high, data shows


Organ donations from black, Asian and minority ethnic people are at record high levels, new figures show, though the NHS warns there is still a chronic shortage of BAME donors. Statistics from NHS Blood and Transplant reveal that 121 BAME people donated their organs after they died last year, the highest number to date. The number of donations has increased by 51% in the last five years.

The number of BAME people in the country is also at record highs. This is from the last census but the process has continued:

UK ethnicity

Yes, continued:

UK Immigration

Those leaving are likely to be “White British”, those arriving could be of any ethnicity at all. We’re thus, given net immigration, going to end up with a greater portion of not white British. Which is indeed the case:

from 2001 to 2011, the percentage of the population of England and Wales that identified as White British decreased from 87.4% to 80.5%

That’s one hell of a demographic change there. Do note the largest riser was actually Polish immigrants……

The number of BAME donors has been rising. So too has the number of BAME people in the country. Might be worth mentioning, eh?

By the way, no, this isn’t a complaint about us all being overrun by darkies. Rather, it’s a complaint about the Guardian’s use of numbers in reporting. Telling us that blah blah XXX is changing by numbers without telling us that the number of XXX is changing – and thus moving the report from absolute numbers to rates, which is the important thing – is concealing more information than it reveals.

What is the percentage of BAME deaths which leads to donation? That’s the important number here, not the drivel we’ve been given.